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Backlit Pillow Speakers from HCI are UL-Listed and Oxygen Safe

Patient choice with Pillow Speakers

To make hospitalization more comfortable and home-like for patients, entertainment, games and internet access can help pass the time. With an ergonomic Pillow Speaker, patients have a range of options at their fingertips. To support their safety and comfort, pillow speakers are compatible with all major Nurse Call systems.

The large buttons and icons are easy to use. And for those with comprehension or language challenges, the large icons on the keypad are easily identifiable. HCI pillow speakers work with all major brands of televisions, in addition to our MediaCare powered devices.

Multiple advantages

Unlike other pillow speaker products, HCI Pillow Speakers have a unique custom embedded speaker board. The pillow speakers can be configured to fit into any legacy environment. That means for the widest range of device accessibility, HCI devices and pillow speakers seamlessly integrate in your facility and are compatible with your existing wiring. Our Pillow Speakers are designed for infection control. They’re cleanable with hospital-grade cleaners to reduce the chance of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). They’re UL-Listed and oxygen safe for regulatory compliance.

Pillow Speakers for bi-directional communication

HCI Pillow speakers can be used for bi-directional communication with patients. That means caregivers can initiate video calls through the pillow speaker using our CleanCall video app.

HCI cCLeanCall in Use through the Pillow Speaker, Hall Whiteboard and Patient Whiteboard
HCI CleanCall Patient Video

The techie stuff: keybinding for interoperability

Taking heavy influences from the AOS philosophy of wide compatibility, the HCI pillow speaker board can bind any Android function to any pillow speaker key. This is called “Keybinding.” In addition to its unique keybinding feature, the pillow speaker supports all legacy, current, and future key additions to the main pillow speaker types. No matter what the facility setup, buttons can be remapped to any Android function that isn’t native to existing speakers. This feature can be cloned to all other devices in the facility, providing an optimized experience for patients. With MediaCare and CareApps, the experience is seamless and provides a range of choices.

Pillow Speaker control

HCI’s board doesn’t stop at user control. Through the implementation of its RJ-12 port, our devices can be controlled by any number of third-party controllers. With third-party control, built-in features on the device are automated. That includes recognizing an AV signal and automatically switching to that source.

HCI Customized Curbell Pillow Speaker

Time savings and ease of use for IT staff

The pillow speaker board integrates with the in room devices. That means it updates automatically at the same time as the devices. Thankfully, IT staff no longer need to break out hardware tools just to upgrade a separate part of the TV. If it’s connected with MediaCare, you only need an internet browser to completely update the device.

Backlighting Provides Safety

Backlit Pillow Speaker for dim conditions

With the CrestTM Pillow Speaker model, keys are backlit so patients can see the large buttons in dark or dim conditions. If they need to press the Nurse Call button it’s easy to see, since the keypad has navigational and numeric buttons. It’s also easy for patients to move around the TV for channel or show selection, or changing back to the Home Screen.

In the dark, the backlight stays illuminated for extra light in case of a fall. With video patient monitoring, Nurses can see where the patient is in their room from the backlight in the Pillow Speaker.

Backlighting in the Pillow Speaker gives patients light in dim conditions.

For more flexibility, consider the HCI Visitor’s Station. This device allows two people in the patient room to operate the TV.

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HCI VIsitor's Station for Dual TV Control

HCI’s novel approach to the Pillow Speaker demonstrates the innovative thinking that goes into our patient-centered solutions and products.

Learn to create a better patient experience and lower your operating costs with integrated pillow speakers.