Apps are Everywhere

It seems like every consumer marketplace has an app nowadays for anything you could want to do. As the demand for this technology continues to grow, the availability of apps for tablets, TVs, phones and laptops has become ubiquitous. Healthcare is no exception. As patients go into a hospital stay with their personal devices, they expect more flexibility with apps they can use during a hospitalization. There are telemedicine apps, wellness check apps, vital statistics apps, blood sugar apps – not to mention the social and entertainment apps a patient might choose to use during their stay to stay connected with loved ones and friends.

Apps are ubiquitous and can be used to provide patients a better hospital experience.

App Innovation from the Start

At HCI, we love challenges and rise to meet them. Our focus on patient engagement led us to develop CareApps – giving patients more options for their care and providers flexibility with opportunities for lowering costs. HCI has always been at the forefront of healthcare innovation and we’ve disrupted the market with MediaCare and our Interactive Digital Whiteboard apps , including Telemedicine and Family and Friends videoconferencing. We developed the Image Viewer, which allows providers to pull and annotate scans directly from a patient’s EHR in the patient’s room. To encourage patient engagement, we developed CareApps for self-service.

Better Patient Education supports patients to better understand their prescriptions to avoid sentient events.
CareApps offer a range of nonclinical service requests sent directly to fulfillment providers.

What Are CareApps?

Our goal is to take each patient experience to the next level with consistency of care and choices for entertainment and service. We developed patient and Care Team apps that run on the AndroidTM operating system to fit with the use of Android devices in healthcare facilities, which have transformed many aspects of clinical practice. CareApps provide a flexible and future-proof platform to entertain, educate and inform patients and visitors like never before. Through MediaCare, IT departments can remotely connect, monitor, and control HCI devices and tailor CareApps to their patient population. Working in tandem with HCI interactive TVs and Digital Whiteboards, you can offer patients a range of opportunities for connection and offer staff a smoother workflow. 

Patient Engagement and Self-Service

Push messaging allows providers to send treatment reminders, prescribe educational content and offer marketing messages through MediaCare.

Providers can demonstrably lower costs by automating routine, non-clinical tasks, or sending those kinds of requests direct to fulfilling departments, such as EVS, BMS, Foodservice, etc. with CareApps. Nurses and clinicians can turn more attention back to building patient relationships and collaborating with colleagues on the Care Team to deliver higher quality care, and administrators can use MediaCare reporting data to more effectively schedule resources.

With HCI CareApps, our integrated solution scales to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

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