Retail Apps Offer Patients More Choices and Increase Satisfaction

Whether it’s selecting a book from the hospital gift shop, filling a prescription, or arranging for durable medical equipment, patients and their families can now enjoy the convenience of shopping from their hospital room. With MediaCare, HCI’s enterprise-wide integration platform and apps powered by the Android© operating system, healthcare providers can drive ancillary revenue to retail spaces using our powerful retail apps on their Interactive Patient Whiteboard or interactive in-room TV. These retail apps help reduce nonclinical tasks for your team and provide patients with a greater selection of options for their needs.

HCI offers the Convenience Module on our hospital whiteboards for greater patient engagement and patient convenience, with access to information to make their healthcare stay more informative and productive.

Direct Fulfillment Management

Before discharge, patients can purchase the supplies they need prior to transitioning out of care, based on a clinicians recommendation or direction. Whether it’s a mobility device, diabetes support kits or tools or a blood pressure monitor, it can be ordered through MediaCare apps, and discharge planning can include reminders in the apps for patients to order or schedule the items they need. This can help reduce Care Team and staff burnout by directing nonclinical tasks directly to the retail space within the facility, where fulfillment is managed directly.

HCI MediaCare offers bedside meal ordering, using a patient's EHR to assure dietary guidelines are followed.

Meal Ordering from the Bedside

Bedside meal ordering with fulfillment direct to Foodservice spaces is yet another opportunity for additional revenue. These Cafeteria or Café apps can be used by the Care Team and family/caregivers to ensure a patient is adhering to prescribed dietary guidelines, and MediaCare can report on the ordering data so there is a record of monitoring and adherence. A bonus of using these types of food-related apps is that you’re not only providing prescribed, healthy options, you’re meeting patron preferences, which can score points in an HCAHPS survey. Using employee payroll deduction at foodservice outlets, and offering debit and credit card processing are additional ways to increase ancillary revenue.

Bedside Prescription Refills through MediaCare

Push Messaging for Pharmacy Fulfillment

Apps can send notes to patients to ask if they want their prescriptions filled at the facility Pharmacy prior to discharge, and patients/caregivers can use the Rx Search App to make certain they’ve received the correct prescribed medication, with identifying images, side effects and warnings. This can help reduce prescription errors and readmissions.

With the Medication Search app from HCI, patients and their families can search and review prescribed medications to check for errors and side effects using this patient TV or hospital whiteboard.

Gift and Marketplace Apps

Shopping experiences in the retail apps allow patients to see complete pricing, product descriptions, and product images. Hospital managers can download and export transaction data for tracking, reporting and monitoring inventory. The Hospital Gift Shop App and related apps available through MediaCare give your patients a new level of convenience and provides your healthcare facility a new source of revenue.

Retail Ordering through MediaCare

Multiple stores for different product categories can be set up to customize your storefront within the hospital, maximizing use and ordering. Storefronts offer unlimited “shelf-space” for items in a variety of categories, and your HCI Account Manager will work with your team to develop a successful retail strategy to drive traffic to the retail items. Wayfinding and other support, like “Contact Us” can be built into the retail apps you choose. Configuration can include any branding, facility colors and banners; you choose.

Providing patients with additional choices like retail apps can be leveraged as a competitive advantage for your facility.

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