Interactive Video Enhances Patient Comprehension and Adherence

Patients using video education increase their comprehension of their care or treatment by as much as 77%

Interactive video technology provides a platform for increased patient engagement. When a patient is admitted to a hospital the first thing they want is answers. Answers to what is causing their illness, the plan for treatment and when they can leave. There are many options available for educating patients, and two common options are educational printouts or being receiving verbal instruction from the staff. What if your facility had the option to educate your patients through video?

On-demand, interactive video education can increase retention by up to 16 times more than that of text. HCI has developed a patient education solution that can educate your patients in the most effective and efficient way possible. The HCI solution, which is part of our Interactive Patient Care solution, is an interactive video technology system that:

  • Prescribes educational videos to the patient based on diagnosis code and makes viewing the content a mandate for discharge.
  • Significantly reduce printing costs with dramatic reductions in costs of paper, toner, cartridges, printer maintenance contracts and the space to store and track it all.
  • Creates better patient understanding of how to manage their health once discharged, and how to avoid behaviors that contributed to their hospitalization.
  • Improves compliance with orders and treatment plans.
  • Decreases readmissions.

Interactive Video is a Powerful Ally in your Goals for Patient Education

HCI’s patient education solution integrates into existing hospital systems, including the EHR system. This allows providers and caregivers to prescribe content at admission and prepare patients for the transition form hospital to home at discharge. 

A Positive Experience

Patient education helps patients prepare for discharge and their transition of care from hospital to home.

The RN Journal reports that “Interactive technology is an innovative and an emerging healthcare delivery model that emphasizes providing educational and entertainment resources to the patient on the premise that a more involved patient will result in a positive experience” and “[The study] revealed that interactive technology is very efficient in communicating with patients and that the patient satisfaction increased by 42 percent (Dunn, 2011).”

More than Education

Social Channel access on HCI's BedMate Tablet TV, providing Android apps for higher patient satisfaction

While hospitalized, healthcare consumers are also looking for entertainment options and more home-like experience. Entertainment options from HCI range from standard TV viewing to streaming, gaming and access to their social channel networks. Interactive video helps alleviate boredom and anxiety, and offers relaxation apps to help with rest goals.

Patient engagement and providing proper patient education encourages retention and builds trust, while encouraging patients to continue active involvement in their health and continued recovery after they leave the hospital.

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