Pediatric Patients Feel Better When They Understand Their Care

Entertainment and Education for Pediatric Patients

HCI’s Interactive Patient Care solutions platform, MediaCare, adapts to the requirements needed for a hospital pediatric unit and can play an active role when it comes to engaging pediatric patients. A child’s affinity for games and videos create potent opportunities for engagement while providing a degree of comfort and familiarity to reduce stress and anxiety for patients and their families.

Pediatric Patient Education

An important aspect to a lasting recovery is education. For kids, helping them understand what’s happening with their illness or injury can relieve some fears about their hospital experience. Digital video education, presented in a soothing tone of voice in short, visually appealing graphical formats can go a long way in helping them understand. HCI works with the leading, award-winning educational content providers and offers a range of video content so that pediatric patients and their families have a solid grasp of what to expect and how to make good choices for their health and outcomes.

With an Interactive BedMate Tablet TV mounted at their bedside, children can easily manipulate the screen for viewing, and use gestural touched to the capacitive touchscreen, like they would on a smartphone, to operate the options on the menu screens.

HCI offers configurable hospital whiteboard layouts for any unit, department or specialty.
Pediatric c Education from HCI supports better health literacy for parents.
Kids can feel less scared if they learn about their treatments and procedures.

Video Monitoring

In addition to providing digital video educational content, caregivers have the option to use their HCI digital whiteboards with video for observational monitoring and answering Nurse Calls. This is another step that supports quality care and helps parents feel more confident in their child’s care. Caregivers can monitor any number of rooms or beds in various locations on their Interactive Unit Whiteboard at a central Nurses’ Station. They simply touch the room number on the whiteboard and a video option is available.

HCI's eSitter on hospital whiteboards gives healthcare and assisted living providers a new tool for fall risk mitigation.

The HUB and MediaCare help kids manage anxiety in a challenging situation.

Hospital stays can be scary for kids. With the HUB Set Top Box, patient televisions are transformed into a full-service tool to provide additional support for families and kids. Streaming apps, social content, first run movies and important, age-appropriate health educational content are available using familiar controls for a homelike experience. Parents and caregivers may find they have an opportunity to choose entertainment options as well when wait times for treatments cause stress. With HCI’s entertainment options, parents can limit volumes, engage parental controls on viewing, and make sure the entertainment options available to their children in the hospital are appropriate for their age group and maturity.

MediaCare is a source of innovative health communication solutions designed to:

  • Promote better pediatric health and outcomes.
  • Enhance patient and family satisfaction through more effective communication.
  • Empower families by encouraging better health decisions.
  • Provide easy access to prescribed education information and age-appropriate content.
  • Deliver rapid service recovery, including response to family questions and service requests.
  • Increase the comfort level of patients and families with access to the right information at the right time.

Keeping Families Informed

Our Family and Friends Connection Module, accessed through the Interactive Patient Whiteboard can help, too. Families can connect with loved ones to give updates and help a child feel less anxious. Sharing health updates and encouragement can help pediatric patients feel less outside of their normal routine. For LDPR units, new families can give updates on baby’s health and progress to make sure everyone is up to date.

HCI offers videoconferencing so hospital patient and their families can keep everyone up to date on their progress.

Pediatric Discharge

Discharge planning for pediatric patients is better with MediaCare, too. Families can access home care educational content and medication plans to make sure pediatric patients are prepared for discharge, and understand what treatments or medications may be needed post-stay. Parents and caregivers can check to make sure the right medications are prescribed with the Medication Search and Pharmacy Fulfillment apps. Working in tandem with our Interactive Whiteboards, a child’s hospital stay can be less confusing and more engaging.

Our kid-friendly entertainment system makes a stay at the hospital more personalized and friendly. MediaCare provides a feature-rich, easy to use platform of patient engagement, education and entertainment that kids, staff and families can access at the touch of a button.

Schedule a virtual¬†demo today and see how we can customize our platform to fit your facility’s needs and make a pediatric hospital stay more manageable.