Integration and Collaboration Features of the Interactive Patient Whiteboard

HCI’s digital Interactive Patient Whiteboard has changed the paradigm of patient-centric care. We offer caregivers a new model of collaboration and integrated patient care with our suite of digital whiteboards, tablets and patient televisions.

Integration and Real Time Communication with Patients and Care Teams

Fed through MediaCare, our enterprise-wide integration platform, the Interactive Patient Whiteboard communicates with EHR, RTLS, Nurse Call, PAC, LDAP, and other internal systems to automatically update patient information across devices in real time.

HCI offers the Convenience Module on our hospital whiteboards for greater patient collaboration, engagement and patient convenience, with access to information to make their healthcare stay more informative and productive.

Transforming Patient Collaboration

HCI Patient Education provide better patient engagement and involvement in shared decision-making.
  • Educational content assignments show what digital content they need to view in order to be prepared and understand their illness, treatment and ultimate prognosis
  • Medication Search and Pharmacy Fulfillment allow patients and their carers to make sure they receive the clinically prescribed medications and can have their prescriptions filled before they go home

So what does that mean for patients?

It means they can access a number of important pieces of information about their care and become active, well-informed shared decision-makers regarding their care.

  • Bedside meal ordering and Guest Tray ordering, right from the bedside, to ensure they’re following clinical nutrition guidelines
  • Rounding notes that include Daily Schedules, so they have a reminder of their plan for the day, and a space where they can include their concerns or questions
  • Discharge Goals and Plans, so they have a a visual reminder of goals to attain in order to speed their transition to home
  • Care Team identification and Visitor Logs, so patients, families, parents and other family caregivers know who’s been in a patient room and how long they stayed
  • Push Messaging immediately shows on patient televisions
  • Entertainment options to pass idle time and help with relaxation, boredom or anxiety, like video chats with Family and Friends, streaming games or binge-watching favorite shows
  • Telehealth options for meeting virtually with their clinical Care Team

Transforming Patient Care

The Care Team updates the Interactive devices with patient data via the haptic touch, capacitive screens to include additional rounding notes, new educational content assignments, new prescriptions, and orders needed patient equipment right from the patient room. Each time an update is made to one of the interactive devices, all of the patient-connected devices reflects the update in real time. Interactive Hall Whiteboards, located outside the patient room, act as a HIPAA-Compliant digital door display so that caregivers can see vital patient information prior to entering the patient room.

Because the integrations with existing facility systems operate across the enterprise, clinicians can pull images from a PAC system to show patient scans right in the patient room, and annotate the images with the on-screen stylus. This helps patients understand a procedure or treatment. They can use the video capabilities of the interactive devices for translation services to support patients with hearing challenges.

Offering a Patient Portal upon Admittance creates a positive onboarding experience with hospital-provided welcome videos, patient rights links, and links to retail food and gift establishments.

With Nurse Call Companion, Nurses can respond to non-clinical Nurse Calls from the central Nurses’ Station or desk, and direct requests to specific departments for response. Alerts like Bath Assist or Smart Bed Rail Down are shown on all connected devices and illuminated with elapsed time.

HCI devices integrate with building systems to control lights and temperature, fulfill EVS service requests and immediately know Room Occupancy status.

Patient Monitoring allows caregivers to visually monitor any number of rooms or beds with bi-directional audio and video, eliminating the need for multiple observers.

HCI’s Interactive Patient Whiteboard transforms the clinical dry erase whiteboard into an intuitive, familiar touchscreen experience. This communication tool enhances the patient experience and creates a conduit for patient to caregiver collaboration.

We welcome a discovery conversation to learn your care goals and how to support your staff for more collaborative care.