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The future of LDRP care is here

Labor, Delivery, Recovery & Postpartum digital whiteboards

Collaboration and self service in a simple touch experience

Healthcare providers rely on Labor and Delivery Nurses working with obstetricians to work collaboratively, think critically, and understand a Mom’s personalized birthing plan. All of this information needs to be captured for prompting and as shift changes occur during Mom’s stay. HCI digital whiteboards do the job with a simple touch interface and integration to existing hospital systems. Configurable layouts simplify the process of managing room availability and staff scheduling for Charge Nurses and Unit Managers.

Did you know you can configure your digital whiteboards for all phases of LDRP?

For any patient, having the most connected information on their progress is critical. For the health of Moms and infants in OB departments, uniform care throughout the family stay relies on immediate updates before, during and after the birth process. During the birth process a single page for Mom’s information makes her information transparent to the Care Team. Split screen layouts display important patient data for Mom and newborn side by side, which helps caregivers navigate care plans and discharge instructions. What’s more, configurable digital whiteboards can be used in NICU units to monitor baby’s progress. Video monitoring can also be used in NICU and LDR units for an added layer of safety.

Split touch screen displays Mom and newborn information side by side, with a single page for Mom’s antepartum data

Mom’s labor and delivery education is essential

At the same time, Mom should receive the education she needs about her birth process and schedules for the newborn. Preparing to leave the hospital, prescribed educational content will help the new family understand what to expect and how to get started with baby’s healthy growth. The family should have access to a full range of video content in English and other languages. For better accessibility, the facility should have translators available as needed. Fortunately, it’s easy to supplement your existing education programs with digital content to make sure the new family has appropriate home information.

Partners and family members also need access to the most up to date information to pass along delivery status to loved ones. MediaCare offers options for bedside meal ordering and retail or gift shop ordering, too. At discharge, families have the option to have prescriptions filled automatically before they leave the facility, right from their room.

Digital newborn education video from Healthwise for new mom.
Digital patient education for new mom from Healthwise©

Integrated with MediaCare, EHR, Nurse Call, RTLS, ADT, Active Directory, “Smart” Bed Systems and PAC systems, Nurses and OB/GYNs can report changes in medications and procedures, view and annotate scans, and monitor EHR Nurse Notes with a few touches to their digital whiteboard. That means better communication on the Care Team and more accurate care.

HCI offers configurable layouts on our touch enabled digital Patient Whiteboards for specialty departments in healthcare facilities. From split screens to colors, format and department apps, MediaCare allows Nurses to reduce redundant workflows. Planning for discharge, therapies and faster response to Nurse Calls, Codes and Alerts includes smart integration.

HCI custom antepartum and postpartum digital whiteboard layouts provide all the information the birth team needs. That keeps everyone – including Mom – informed about their stay and discharge plan.

Learn how you can support LDRP teams – and new Moms – with digital patient and family whiteboards.