MediaCare, HCI’s interactive patient software, equips medical staff with a robust set of tools for patient administration and engagement that simplify and streamline nursing workflow. MediaCare is an enterprise-wide integration platform which allows clinicians and staff to focus on quality, timely delivery of patient care and information. MediaCare communicates directly with our devices and existing hospital systems and infrastructure to equip administrators and nursing staff with digital, interactive tools for patient information management and collaboration.

Using MediaCare and our Interactive Patient Care Solutions as an overall patient care strategy provides administrators, staff and clinicians greater opportunities to collaborate, communicate, monitor and analyze how care is managed and delivered like never before.

MediaCare offers hospitals an innovative, enterprise-level solution that helps address many of the significant challenges in healthcare today.

HCI MediaCare offers Push Messaging direct to patients on their hospital whiteboard or patient TV to save clinical staff steps, time and effort.


Offering the best care during all hours of the day and night can be a hard demand. Patients can become dissatisfied when they have to wait for staff members to answer their questions or address their concerns. One study found that 75% of patients who waited less than 10 minutes gave an excellent or good rating compared with 3% of patients who waited longer than 20 minutes for a response to their need. A reliable, fast and automated tool to help staff communicate with patients is no longer a need but a necessity. That’s where Push Messaging comes in.

HCI MediaCare allows caregivers to push education comprehension or quality survey direct to patient TVs. This helps with quality control initiatives, response measurement and service recovery.


Patient satisfaction as a part of patient-centered care has become a key focus for healthcare organizations across the country. Implementing patient surveys is a way to measure the quality of care, services provided and the overall patient experience. All surveys can be fully customized to a facility’s goals so they can receive the feedback they need for service recovery and improve performance.

The Service Request feature allows patients in hospitals and healthcare settings to send auto-requests to fulfillment departments for non-clinical requests.


We help hospitals reduce service recovery times by making sure a clear line of communication is always kept open for patients, care providers, and service professionals. When patients use MediaCare to request any service, such as the need for an extra pillow, these requests are routed directly to the correct department for fulfillment. This customized app eliminates or reduces non-clinical tasks for the clinician, reduces the workload for the nursing staff and speeds up the delivery of hospital services. That translates to more satisfied patients and more referrals.

HCI MediaCare offers a wide variety of standard and customizable reports, available as aggregated data or for individual patients.


In a world where data piles up without analysis and action, MediaCare gives teams working on strategic solutions a new way to cut through the quantitative clutter.

With MediaCare, clinicians can access a custom dashboard for patient administration that provides vital real-time data along with historical data for trending purposes.

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