HCI History

Technology Tools for Patient Engagement, Education and Entertainment

Healthcare technology from HCI offers best-in-class technology tools for educating patients, empowering clinical staff and optimizing services for administrators and executive decision makers. We create interactive hospital display solutions to improve the health of the people and communities we serve through the development and implementation of integrated technology solutions. HCI is a service-focused organization, committed to engaging care teams and patients for the most successful health outcomes.

HCI healthcare technology enables healthcare providers to better communicate, educate and entertain patients, and provide clinical tools to better manage, measure and document the quality of care. By listening closely to customer feedback and watching industry trends, we continue to develop products that are economical, durable and flexible. This allows healthcare organizations to improve service and increase patient satisfaction. The HCI product solution suite helps facilities optimize fiscal and human resources for maximum efficiency and the best health outcomes.

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Innovative Firsts in Healthcare Technology

HCI has introduced many firsts to the industry, including the first universal pillow speaker control and the first integrated TV media player. HCI was the first television manufacturer to bring Android TV to the healthcare market and we disrupted the market with our Interactive Digital Whiteboards and Patient Status Monitoring solutions. We offer a complete Patient Engagement and Entertainment solution for better health outcomes. We developed MediaCare, the industry’s most advanced enterprise-wide education, entertainment, and content management solution for patients and providers. Our most recent innovations are a range of Interactive Whiteboards and tools to help lower operating costs and raise HCAPHS scores.

Our goal is to provide a patient engagement and education product suite that focuses on improved ease of use, simple integration with existing healthcare applications and the extensive customizability of the Android platform. We believe that our product suite is the comprehensive solution that will help you achieve your patient and strategic goals. Check out our HCI Blog for a variety of articles on how to support your patient, staff and care goals.

HCI is proud have served the needs of the healthcare industry for the last 50 years and we look forward to serving and innovating for many more.

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