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HCI at 20

2022 marks the 20th anniversary of HCI, solidifying our reputation as an industry-leading healthcare technology company. We’re here because we’re dedicated to transforming high-quality patient care delivery for better patient outcomes.

Thank you for your business and support over the past twenty years. We’re here because we’re passionate about technology uses to improve patient care, and that’s only possible with your continued partnership and collaboration. Our entire team looks forward to working with you as we continue to solve key challenges of digital healthcare delivery in the future.” – Rick Pratt, Founder

Technology Tools for Patient Engagement, Education and Entertainment

The touch-enabled Unit Whiteboard allows caregivers to monitor groups of patients from a central location, video call individual patients from the Nurses' Station and push education and messages direct to patients.

Healthcare technology from HCI offers best-in-class technology tools so we can help you educate patients, empower clinical staff and optimize services for executive decision makers. We develop interactive hospital display solutions to improve the health of the people and communities we serve. How do we do that? Through the development and implementation of integrated technology solutions. HCI is a service-focused organization, committed to engaging care teams and patients for the most successful recoveries.

HCI Interactive Patient Whiteboard aligns communication across the enterprise for the best patient outcomes. See our Document Library for more.

HCI healthcare technology enables healthcare providers to better communicate, educate and entertain patients. Because of this, we amplify clinical tools to better manage, measure and document the quality of care. By listening closely to customer feedback and watching industry trends, we’ll continue to develop products that are economical, durable and flexible. As a result, healthcare organizations can improve service and increase patient satisfaction. Our patient engagement solution helps facilities optimize fiscal and human resources for maximum efficiency and the best health outcomes.

HCI Interactive Patient Care healthcare solutions - a history of firsts in innovation.

Innovative Firsts in Healthcare Technology

Ultimately, our most recent innovations are designed to optimize communication and collaboration throughout the continuum of care. With this intention, we help patner with you to lower your operating costs and raise patient satisfaction. We help providers reduce staff task and alert saturation, provide tools to support them with consistency and quality of care, and lower costs by automating routine tasks. We do this with technology designed specifically for maximum engagement, ease of use and enterprise management.

Check out the HCI Blog for a variety of articles on how to support your patient, staff and care goals.

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