COVID-19 Module

HCI Adds Dynamic, Bidirectional Interactivity To Critical Patient Care

HCI'sa COVID 19 Module can be tailored for mass health events or research projects where patient monitoring is required.

Acute care, long term care and rehabilitation care facilities now have the ability to display specific COVID-19 patient status for patient care through HCI Digital Whiteboards, Tablets and interactive television solutions. 

With the HCI COVID-19 Module as part of the Interactive Patient Care Solution, MediaCare, our enterprise-wide integration platform, can help to monitor and track critical data for patients being treated for COVID-19. HCI software and hardware used for the treatment of COVID patients may be eligible for CARES Act funding, and we can help you with the paperwork.

HCI offers a specific COVID-19 Module for treating patients with the disease. HCI devices used in COVID treatment are eligible for CARES Act funding.

Testing Status and Code Status display critical patient information with the most current rounding notes and vital statistics to fully align Care communications.

HCI’s Interactive Patient Whiteboards connect with our Interactive Hall Whiteboards and Interactive Unit Whiteboards to show patient restrictions and protocols. The COVID-19 Module displays critical Testing Status and Code Status in block elements with large print for immediate viewing and assessment by all critical care staff.

Digital protocol flags, called “InfoTiles”, and Status displays can be customized to meet specific organizational or governmental standards and guidelines.

HCI Interactive Hall Whiteboard for COVID patient Module, used as patient room signage for patients being treated for COVID-19.

COVID data displayed on the Interactive Hall Whiteboard outside the room can alert staff to suit up in PPE as guidelines indicate prior to entering a room, conserving PPE supplies.

The digital Hall Whiteboard can serve as a communication conduit to the patient without entering the room using CleanCall, a direct-to-patient videoconferencing app.

HCI CLeanCall, patient video and telemedicine module
CleanCall conserves supplies of PPE with direct-to-patient video.

In-Room Image and Scan Views with Touch Annotation

The COVID-19 Module can pull scans from PAC and other imaging systems for in-room consultation and discussions with patients using touch annotation on the screen with the on-screen color palette and stylus.

HCI's COVID-19 Whiteboard display is a module with specific COVID data for Care Team monitoring.

Covid educational content from our education partners ensures recovering patients are prepared for the transition to home care.

Education for a Smooth Transition in COVID Care

HCI offers patient education on COVID-19 through our educational content partners, which can be prescribed based on diagnosis code. Digital educational videos on the illness can be pushed to the patient television and monitored for completion at the Nurses’ Station on the Interactive Unit Whiteboard. This digital content supports patient health literacy for discharge planning and after-care.

The COVID-19 Module can be customized for any critical event to quickly display the most important information the Care Team needs based on the nature of the event.

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