COVID-19 Module

HCI Adds Dynamic, Bidirectional Interactivity To Critical Patient Care

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Healthcare, long term care and acute care facilities now have the ability to display COVID-19 patient status for patient care through HCI Digital Whiteboards and interactive television solutions. 

The HCI Interactive Patient Care Solution works together with MediaCare, our enterprise-wide integration platform, fed through Electronic Health Record, RTLS and Nurse Call Systems to aggregate data from healthcare systems, process it, present it and touch enable it, all in real time to display critical patient information and current status at a glance.

The COVID-19 Module displays critical Testing Status and Code Status in block elements with large print for immediate viewing and assessment by all critical care staff.

Testing Status and Code Status display critical patient information with the most current rounding notes and vital statistics to fully align patient care communications.

HCI’s Interactive Patient Whiteboards connect with our Interactive Hall Whiteboards and Interactive Unit Whiteboards to show patient restrictions and protocol InfoTiles to advise staff of Contact, Airborne, Droplet and other important protocols that should be followed when caring for a patient who has been admitted with COVID-19, known as SARS-CoV-2; and the Module can be customized for other events.

All connected Digital Whiteboards immediately update to display the most current patient information when an update is made to one of the Digital Whiteboards, fed through the EHR, Nurse Call and RTLS systems with MediaCare. EHR updates are recorded for historical and research reporting and MediaCare provides data analysis and reporting for later review.

Protocols and Status displays can be customized to meet specific facility or governmental standards and guidelines. Typical information displays include patient vitals, specific protocols, prescribed medications, Care Team members, Patient Schedule and Pain Reporting.

HCI offers patient education on COVID-19 through MediaCare and our educational content partners, which can be prescribed on admittance or prescribed based on diagnosis code. Digital educational videos on the illness can be pushed to the patient television and monitored for completion at the Nursing station on the Interactive Unit Whiteboard. This digital content supports patient health literacy for after-care and discharge planning.

The COVID-19 Module can be customized for any critical event to quickly display the most important information the Care Team needs based on the nature of the event.

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