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Direct from HCI – You can now shop direct for HCI hospital grade infection control televisions, keyboards and accessories through our online stores.


Shop direct with HCI for BedMate Infection Control Televisions, RoomMate Televisions and Accessories through our online stores on Shopify and Facebook. Buy direct from HCI for the most advanced hospital televisions for the best patient outcomes. For patients, a television can be much more than just a television: it can represent connection and a sense of control over their hospitalization.


 HCI Infection Control Televisions and Health-Key Keyboards are easy to clean and disinfect. With regular cleaning, they provide patients with confidence that the high-touch devices they contact are safe, while offering opportunities for contact with loved ones and diversion during a challenging time. Learn more about our state-of-the-art infection control, interactive televisions and Health-Key Keyboards to help you transform the way you deliver care.



Interactive Patient Care Solutions

For the most advanced interactive digital whiteboards in the industry, visit our Digital Interactive Whiteboard pages to learn how HCI can help you transform the way you deliver care with state-of-the-art Interactive Patient Care solutions. Our COVID-19 Interactive Module offers additional features to assess, monitor and care for patients challenged with COVID-19. Telemedicine offers remote consultation for these patients, and our Friends and Family Connect feature provides patients with connection and reassurance.



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