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Staying Connected to Family and Friends 

HCI offers an Interactive Family and Friends teleconferencing module through our Interactive Patient Whiteboard to help patients and residents stay connected and engaged. 

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For confined patients, long term care, acute and residential care facilities, it’s important to help patients feel less isolated, anxious or stressed.The National Institute on Aging confirms this in a compelling report. The HCI Family and Friends Connection Module provides contact with loved ones to help residents and patients feel connected to everyday activities and allows families and friends to see that their loved one is communicative with positive social connections. This “social capital” helps to build trust and participation, which has a significant impact on overall cognitive health and health outcomes, and provides a competitive advantage for your healthcare organization.

The HCI Family and Friends Connection Module utilizes a free, open-source communications service to allow group teleconferencing with people from multiple locations using a familiar, easy, web-based interface for friends and family. The patient or resident can access the module with a simple touch on the Interactive Patient Whiteboard using the built-in camera and microphone – no additional hardware or software is needed. 

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In addition to providing Telemedicine capabilities through the Interactive Patient Whiteboard, facilities can communicate with their residents in a friendly, face-to-face video environment with the Family and Friends Connection Module. Residents or patients don’t need to miss classes or group meetings they would normally attend; they can attend virtually through the video teleconferencing service. In inclement weather, family and friends can check in on their loved ones via video to make sure they have what they need. That’s a big step in helping reduce resident feelings of loneliness and has a positive impact on the known health risks posed by prolonged isolation.

Secure and Simple to Use

Interactive Patient Whiteboards and the Family and Friends Connection Module are simple to use for those who may not be comfortable using other technology tools, with easy touchscreen access and a clear, secure connection. Facilities may choose to mount an Interactive Patient Whiteboard on the HCI Mobile Cart to provide planned teleconferencing of guests, performers or speakers without the patient leaving their bed or room, important for those with ambulatory concerns.

Contact HCI today to set up a brief online demo and experience the possibilities of community with HCI Family & Friends Connect.

Long Term Care Support

For long term and residential care support, learn about the features of the HCI HUB Set Top Box, which can be used with any television having an HDMI port to provide service requests, streaming movies and games, facility notifications, medication reminders, deliver educational content and much more.