Our goal is to provide an interactive patient engagement and education solution for your facility that focuses on improved ease of use.

HCI products are easy to integrate with existing healthcare applications and technology infrastructure. HCI products offer extensive customization, expected of the Android platform. MediaCare and our HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions encompass a range of touch-enabled, digital whiteboards, tablets and patients TVs designed for infection control and with the aim of improving patient engagement. With enterprise integration, providers can realize improved workflow, higher staff satisfaction and lower operating costs.premiere product offerings are the comprehensive solution that will help you achieve your goals and transform the way you deliver care.

Solutions to Fit Your Needs


By listening closely to customer and patient feedback and watching industry trends, we continue to innovate and develop healthcare technology solutions that are economical, scaleable and above all, flexible. This allows healthcare organizations to provide consistency in patient-centered care, increase patient satisfaction and lower operating costs. See for yourself using our ROI Calculator.

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Low Voltage Swing Arm Televisions

Hospital Televisions

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HUB Set Top Box

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Interactive Digital Whiteboard

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Infection Control Keyboard

HCI IR Patient Remote Control offers functions for patients to control their in-room hospital TV.