HCI CleanCall

Communication with Patients Just Got Better.

Provider communication takes a leap forward with HCI CleanCall, a part of the HCI Interactive Patient Care Solution. MediaCare is HCI’s enterprise-wide integration platform, fed by existing hospital software infrastructure such as EHR, RTLS, Smart Bed, ADT, PACS and Nurse Call Systems, to aggregate data, process it and present it to Patients and staff in real time.

Provider communication, optimized with HCI CleanCall, offers secure internal teleconferencing with Patients within the Healthcare Facility.

The HCI CleanCall Module is tailored specifically for hospital room application. Enabled via any connected HCI Interactive Whiteboard, this dynamic new method of Patient communication allows Patients, Nurses and Physicians to see and talk to one another remotely from outside the Patient’s room. HCI CleanCall utilizes existing hospital technology and built-in cameras on HCI touchscreen digital whiteboards to facilitate provider communication and teleconferencing within the facility.

HCI Adds Dynamic, Bi-Directional Audio and Video To Patient Care

With just the touch of a button on the Interactive Hall Whiteboard or any HCI-connected Digital Whiteboard, a video conference directly with the Patient can be launched without having to enter the Patient’s room. This revolutionary new method of intra-facility Patient / Provider communication tool presents a new way for the Care Team to ensure patient safety and satisfaction with aligned communication throughout the patient stay.

Respecting patients’ privacy and offering them control regarding their privacy preferences is a key feature of HCI CleanCall. In the event a Patient is confined or isolated, digital protocol restrictions displayed on the Interactive Hall Whiteboard help staff to determine which PPE protocols to employ to limit exposure and keep everyone safe. HCI CleanCall is elegant in its simplicity and intuitive use.

The HCI Interactive Hall Whiteboard and the in-room Interactive Patient Whiteboard shown prior to a CleanCall video chat displays Patient information, including a Water Request with elapsed time, digital Protocol flags, Last Round Information, Care Team identification, Daily Schedule, Medications and last reported Pain Level.

With HCI CleanCall, Patients have reassurance and peace of mind that their needs are met, while staff are protected in the event of COVID or other contact restrictions; clinicians and Care Team members do not have to enter a Patient’s room if contact restrictions are in place, but can assess and discuss treatment plans, schedule changes and other vital Patient information. If a staff member is suited for PPE and in the Patient’s room, the Clinician can speak to them without the staff member having to remove their PPE. HCI CleanCall is used to align treatment, ensure care is thorough and workflow is optimized.

The HCI Interactive Patient Care Solution includes a feature for external Telemedicine, providing an opportunity for Patients to connect with a preferred Provider outside the healthcare facility via videoconference. Patients and their families can also take advantage of the Family and Friends Connect Module, which supports secure, encrypted videoconferencing with locations outside the hospital setting to help Patients remain engaged with their outside activities and social circles.

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