Health-Key Keyboards Video: Setting the Industry Standard for Infection Prevention

Designed for acute, rehabilitation and other long-term care settings, infusion centers, and research and diagnostic labs.

Studies have found that 25% of hospital keyboards tested positive for the deadly super bug “MRSA”. Now with the emergence of COVID-19, infection control is even more vital. Health-Key Keyboards can help.


Infection control in healthcare facilities in the time of COVID-19 is a crucial element of patient and staff safety. Decision-makers in hospitals, dialysis and infusion centers and other healthcare facilities are finding themselves at the intersection of safety and cost when it comes to evaluating the best infection control devices to protect staff and patients.


HCI is the number one provider of cost effective, infection control, hospital-grade keyboards to support your infection control efforts. Created in collaboration with a major hospital for patient rooms, clinician workstations and labs, this feature-rich keyboard helps prevent the spread of contagious pathogens and is easy to set up, use and disinfect with standard hospital cleaners.

  • USB, Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless Connectivity (wired or wireless depending on Model type and your needs for connectivity)
  • Multiple device control
  • Ultra-durable; built to take repeated cleanings
  • Plug and Play simplicity for Windows© or Apple©
  • 12 Shortcut Hot Keys
HCI Health-Keys support infection prevention with unique features not offered by other manufacturers.
Our Infection Control Keyboards present a slim profile with multiple connection options.
  • Health-Key Keyboards automatically alert when cleaning is required. The keyboards can be cleaned with hospital grade disinfectants and offer multiple connection options, Haptic Touch, an LED backlit keyboard surface for low-light conditions and keyboard lock features for Physician Order Entry. The Health-Key line of keyboards can function as a supplemental TV controller and speaker for visitors.
  • Health-Key Keyboards have an Auto-Alert feature that can be set to automatically alert when cleaning is required after a specific number of touches. That setting that can be adjusted to specific requirements. The keyboards can be placed in a dishwasher; they’re completely sealed to IEC IP Standards and can be quickly and thoroughly disinfected. A key lock can be engaged to lock the keyboard when cleaning it.
  • Supports Accessibility for those with non-traditional communication needs.
  • HCI Health-Key Keyboards come standard with the HCI Mobile Cart, typically used in healthcare and long-term care settings as a mobile workstation. For even more functionality the cart, with its included Health-Key Keyboard, touch-screen display and battery can be wheeled to patients with ambulatory concerns so they can participate in Telemedicine video calls, or connect to update family and loved ones through our Family and Friends Connect app.

HCI Health-Key Keyboards provide additional support for infection control in healthcare facilities and labs.
The HCI Mobile Cart come with a 32" Interactive touch screen display, infection control keyboard and powerful back-up battery for more power in the healthcare environment.

Watch the video:

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