Image Viewer Provides Immediate In-Room Feedback and Consultation

HCI Image Viewer Module with broken shoulder annotation.

Image Viewer, a module available with HCI Digital Whiteboards, offers clinicians an additional tool for better care. Using a touch-enabled Interactive Patient Whiteboard with MediaCare allows PACS images and DICOM scans to be viewed at the bedside.

Image Viewer Empowers Care Teams and Patients

Images can be manipulated with common gestural “zoom” and “pan” touches in the same fashion we use gestural touches on a smart phone or tablet. Manipulating the scanned image helps clinicians fully illustrate their discussions with patients and colleagues. Patients better understand their condition and feel more empowered with their treatment plan when they can see what the next steps entail.

Enhancing Care Team Collaboration

In addition, clinicians can consult with colleagues and rapidly determine next steps right at the bedside with the Image Viewer Module. This is helpful for young children, or individuals with language or comprehension challenges. By explaining a treatment or procedure using a visual, you can help alleviate anxiety for patients and their family members.

HCI Image Viewer scan of human brain.
Image Viewer with annotation fully illustrates a treatment discussion.

MediaCare, HCI’s enterprise-wide integration platform, can pull diagnostic images directly from DICOM records for in-room discussion to the digital Patient Whiteboard. Using the on-screen color palette and stylus, conditions can be visually explained with annotation.

Save staff time from searching for and returning film jackets and manually updating charts with digital whiteboards and tablets that save annotated images for later review.

HCI Drawing Palette and Image Viewer
Used in tandem with HCI’s On-Screen Drawing Palette, scans illustrating treatments can be shown to patients for better understanding.

Supporting Any Image Type

Whether the patient has had PET, CT, MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound/sonogram or nuclear scans, the Image Viewer Module:

  • Helps clinicians confirm diagnoses and discuss them with their patients.
  • Can be used as a part of determining when surgeries or other invasive procedures may be necessary.
  • Reducing the need for exploratory surgeries.
  • Supports treatment planning, guiding clinicians in the treatment of more common conditions like an injury, cardiac event or stroke.
  • Improves patient referral or placement into appropriate areas of care, like an intensive care unit or acute care.
  • Can be used to monitor treatment success and changes.

The HCI Image Viewer Module from HCI is another resource in the clinician’s toolkit to focus on collaborative, patient-centered care.

HCI Image View app brings PAC scans right to the patient whiteboard for consultation and illustrating complex conditions and treatments.

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