Interactive Modules: Tailoring Delivery of Quality Care

Interactive Modules for HCI Digital Whiteboards are another feature set of HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions that help you deliver a better patient experience. Integrated through MediaCare to existing hospital technology systems like EHR, RTLS, PAC and Active Directory, a range of interactive apps are available for improving and streamlining workflows. These interactive apps are managed from a central data center or IT location and provide detailed aggregated or specific reporting for more informed decision-making and resource management.

COVID-19 Monitoring

HCI offers a COVID-19 interactive module layout to monitor real-time patient vital statistics for rounding and critical patient monitoring.

In light of current global health events, HCI developed a COVID-19 Module that immediately displays real-time patient vital statistics, test status and code status. The interactive module can be tailored for any large-scale public health event or established for research projects that require patient monitoring.


The HCI CleanCall interactive module conserves PPE supplies and protects hospital staff and patients.

Enabled via any connected HCI Interactive Whiteboard and Hall Whiteboard, CleanCall allows Nurses and clinicians to see and talk to patients and one another remotely from outside the patient room. Conserve PPE supplies and protect both patients and staff when COVID, No Contact, Airborne, Negative Pressure or other safety protocols are in place.

eSitter Monitoring

HCI offers Live Stream Patient Video Monitoring for Better Care

eSitter© is an integrated, enterprise-wide system to monitor any number of patients via video and audio feed through the built-in cameras, microphones and speakers in HCI devices. With a single touch to the patient room number or patient name displayed on the digital Unit Whiteboard, the Nurse or clinician calls up that room and patient into full screen mode with bi-directional audio and video. 


HCI digital hospital whiteboards offer Telemedicine video with built-in 2 MP camera, speakers and microphone over an encrypted, secure platform.

Telemedicine is a rapidly growing segment of the clinical toolbox for remote patent monitoring. This interactive module supports all the face-to-face benefits of an in-person appointment without being in the same location or the hassle of wait times and scheduling issues.

Image Viewer

HCI Image Viewer interactive module allows zoom and pan of PAC or EHR images, with one-touch on-screen annotation.

MediaCare, HCI’s enterprise-wide integration platform, can pull diagnostic images to the Image Viewer, directly from a patient’s EHR/PACS image records to the in-room Interactive Patient Whiteboard to support in-room discussion and consultation. Features on-screen annotation and “zoom and pan” gestural image manipulation.

Nurse Call Companion

HCI Nurse Call Companion is an app that allocates resources and hospital personnel via video for patient requests.

Manage better. Schedule Better. Develop deeper patient relationships while reducing burnout by optimizing time and workflow for busy Nurses and clinicians with the Nurse Call Companion interactive module. Without leaving the Nurses’ Station or central desk and without sacrificing the quality of care delivery, direct-to-patient video chat allows caregivers to respond virtually to Nurse Calls and patient requests.

Family & Friends Connect

Family & Friends Connect allows patients to stay in touch with loved ones in multiple locations via video.

Family & Friends Connect utilizes a secure, encrypted communications service to allow group teleconferencing with people from multiple locations using an intuitive web-based interface. The patient or resident can connect with a simple touch to the interactive Digital Whiteboard or Tablet screen for connection to loved ones and family.

Dynamic Display

HCI offers dynamic digital display of vital patient data for specialty healthcare units.

Dynamic display layouts of patient data on HCI Digital Whiteboards and Tablets can be configured for any specialty or unit: Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Oncology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, etc. Since patient data is pulled from tech systems already in place, display for patient care is easily tailored to the needs of the Unit. Surgical Scheduling and other specialty layouts are also available.

Hidden Patient Name

HCI Hidden Patient Name is an interactive module that allows caregivers to hide or edit a patient's displayed name, while still maintaining patient ID from the EHR.

Hidden Patient is an interactive module that allows you to obscure an individual’s name on digital devices outside the patient roominside the room, and at the Nurses’ Station/Charge Desk. Designed for “At-Risk” and high-profile patients, this interactive module can also be configured to display a preferred patient name. Caregivers still have patient identification and information they need from the EHR and other patient identifier systems.

Interactive Modules are configurable and help optimize workflows.

HCI Interactive Whiteboard Modules provide a a range of options for better care delivery with tailored functionality specific to your healthcare facility and specialties. We’ll work side-by-side with you at every step to help you transform the way you deliver care for the best possible outcomes.

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