Interactive Modules

Interactive Modules Offer Customization To Meet Your Needs

Interactive Modules for HCI Digital Whiteboards are another feature set that puts HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions ahead of similar products. HCI includes a range of customizable interactive modules that competitive products just don’t offer. Modules can be customized to include branding, include specific patient information or provide customized layouts to meet your facility’s branding, standards and guidelines.

COVID-19 Module

In light of current global health events, HCI developed a COVID-19 Module that immediately notifies the Care Team of a patient’s vital statistics, test status and code status so rounding notes are consistent and digital protocol restriction “flags” are immediately visible for patients being treated for the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus known as COVID-19. This Interactive Module can be customized for any large scale health event.

HCI CleanCall

Provider communication, optimized with HCI CleanCall, offers secure internal teleconferencing with Patients within the Healthcare Facility.

The HCI CleanCall Module is tailored specifically for hospital room application. Enabled via any connected HCI Interactive Whiteboard, this dynamic new method of Patient communication allows Patients, Nurses and Physicians to see and talk to one another remotely from outside the Patient’s room. HCI CleanCall utilizes existing hospital technology and built-in cameras on HCI touchscreen digital whiteboards to facilitate provider communication and teleconferencing within the facility.

External Telemedicine

HCI offers a Telemedicine Module to allow consultation between external or internal clinicians and patients, providing all the face-to-face benefits of an in-person appointment without the need for being in the same location or the hassle of wait times and scheduling issues.

Family and Friends Connect

For Long Term, Acute and Residential Care, or patients who are confined for other health reasons, we offer our Family and Friends Connection Module so residents and patients can connect with loved ones, helping them with cognitive awareness, reassurance and maintaining their social connections.

Image Viewer with Annotation

The HCI Image Viewer Module is another tool in the patient/clinician toolbox. Image Viewer pulls scans from a patient’s record and displays them on the patient’s in-room Interactive Patient Whiteboard for consultation, discussion and treatment planning. Images pulled from PACS can be annotated with the touch of a finger on the touchscreen, and the images saved in the EHR.

HCI Interactive Whiteboard Modules provide a fully customized, interactive patient experience. Our Interactive Patient Care solutions aggregate data from facility systems, process it, present it and touch-enable it in real time.
We’ll work side-by-side with you at every step to design the best experience for the best patient outcomes.

Request your brief online or in-person demo to experience the many ways HCI helps you transform the way you deliver care to support patients and your staff while increasing efficiency throughout your organization.

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