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MediaCare healthcare platform for smart hospital rooms and patient engagement.

The future of the patient smart room is Now.

The health technology landscape is changing

The digital healthcare technology landscape is changing every day, and it can be hard to keep up with a complex marketplace. Growth in medical technology and the “Internet of Medical Things” (IoMT) is expected to grow 21% between now and 20251. Whether it’s a new build, new smart room construction or health-tech capital projects, the challenge for healthcare providers investigating digital technology is that it must support both patient and provider needs.

HCI on-demand hospital equipment ordering optimizes caregiver workflows.
HCI Patient Portal helps with hospital patient onboarding and provides access to entertainment, self-service and education.

There is an opportunity for healthcare organizations to take full advantage of digital transformation to optimize patient data and operational workflows to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies across the continuum of care. Increasing regulations, attracting and retaining top talent, and challenges with burnout are opportunities for intuitive-use solutions to help healthcare providers compete. If that weren’t complicated enough, enhancing the healthcare consumer experience with intuitive technologies has become a critical differentiator for hospitals.

Innovation for better collaboration

Connecting caregivers & information

We are 100% healthcare-focused. HCI interactive patient care solutions integrate real-time data with smart, touchscreen technology, and designs its healthcare platform solutions solely on feedback from patients and providers. Armed with this technology, staff no longer need to struggle with dry erase boards and confusing, redundant workflows. Our innovative digital interactive products allow touch engagement through all hospital systems, creating more effective and transparent ways to collaborate.

Empowering people for better health

Digital whiteboards, tablets and smart TVs empower patients and staff. Using digital devices, patients participate more fully in their own care and feel connected, improving their outcome and satisfaction levels. Staff improve their care processes with ease of access to important patient data and accurate, shared information using the features of MediaCare.

Patient-centric design is paramount  for smart hospital room design and intuitive use.
“Patients must remain at the center of care once smart hospital rooms are up and running, with providers practicing strong patient engagement strategies amidst a tech-heavy environment.” – Sara Heath, Senior Editor, Patient Engagement HIT, Xtelligent Media

A single source for smart technology expertise

Turn inefficient dry erase marker boards..

Example of an inefficient dry erase hospital board.

..into a digital touchpoint for real-time updates of vital patient data.

Digital whiteboard for optimized patient care and engagement.

HCI is your single source for a smart, integrated platform of engagement, education, entertainment and optimized staff workflows. That means you don’t need to buy and maintain separate televisions, whiteboards, software, dongles or circuit boards to make it all work. The company provides an all-in-one service with detailed workflow analysis up front. With MediaCare, smart, touch-enabled devices and state-of-the-art software integrate seamlessly with existing systems throughout your facilities.

HCI’s Smart Room Solution and the MediaCare Healthcare Platform

MediaCare integrated smart hospital room example from HCI, with digital whiteboards showing integration to existing hospital systems.

The MediaCare healthcare platform sets a new standard for educating and empowering patients to optimize care throughout a patient’s journey.


Avoid the cost maze

Realize cost savings of up to 50% compared to competing interactive systems by partnering with a single source vendor. So, there’s no need to buy additional screens, tablets or peripherals to tie it all together. That eliminates additional maintenance and support contracts to free up capital.


Reduce task saturation

Experience real-time updates to the whiteboards from multiple systems. Alerts, Nurse Calls and risk assessment protocols are automated from existing systems. Caregivers use eSitter© monitoring to observe patients from the Nurses’ station, or order patient room equipment directly from any connected whiteboard.


Decrease patient frustration

Provide secure video, access to health records, health education, Rx fulfillment, meal ordering and other services direct from the bedside. Self-service features let patients order nonclinical services, so you’re saving staff time, too. Since requests can be sent directly to appropriate departments for fulfillment, clinical staff can focus on care. With Room Controls, patients control temperature, lights and window shades.

Whether your health system uses a centralized or decentralized Nurse station model, the MediaCare healthcare platform supports your quality initiatives.

Infographic of Centralized Nurse Station
Centralized Nurses’ Station
Infographic of Decentralized Nurse Stations
Decentralized Nurses’ Stations

A wide range of smart room integrations are available

Video is a paradigm shift in smart hospital rooms. Secure video on digital devices provides accessibility, better health literacy, and supports inclusion. Moreover, you create trust and engage patients more fully in their care. With videoconferencing, patients can stay in touch with family to help their recovery process.

Digital whiteboards integrate  accessibility with video translation and language support.

Video lets caregivers communicate with patients from outside the room, from the Nurses’ Station, or remotely from other locations so they’re always connected with their patients. Unlike competing solution devices, HCI devices have integral cameras, speakers and microphones to support accurate observation and patient safety.

Bi-directional patient monitoring lets caregivers monitor any number of rooms and patients for safety and clinical observation.

Voice and Touch-Activated Room Controls and Self-Service

Mobile Apps & Telehealth; Multi-language Support

Discharge Goal & Health Education Status

Scan & Image Viewing with Annotation

Digital Patient Portals with Automated Surveys

Video Monitoring & Observation

Learn more about MediaCare to enhance your patients’ experiences and streamline clinical workflows.

At HCI, we learn what matters to healthcare providers, offer technology solutions to meet evolving, regulation-encumbered processes, and turn the focus back to higher quality patient care.”

– John Pratt, President