Designed to make education compliance, tracking and automated documentation quick and easy. Our interactive patient care solution aids in discharge planning to reduce the average length of stay and provide detailed analysis for better resource management.

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MediaCare for Patient Engagement

MediaCare is the industry’s most advanced education, entertainment and content management solution. It delivers innovative patient engagement and clinical management tools to healthcare facilities both large and small. The enterprise platform allows remote administration of Interactive Whiteboards and in-room televisions to deliver personalized education and communication to patients. MediaCare is compatible with our Interactive WhiteboardsInteractive Concierge TabletInteractive Bedside Tablet, HUB and  RoomMate Televisions.

MediaCare offers healthcare providers an innovative, enterprise-level solution to help address many of the significant challenges in healthcare today.

MediaCare’s intuitive Dashboard puts the control of patient care plans at clinicians’ fingertips, simplifying workflows, providing patient-specific educational content and managing service recovery opportunities.

  • Push delivery and on-demand patient-specific education plans, including education resources and discharge planning information for patients and family/caregivers
  • Videoconferencing and Telemedicine capabilities for 360 degree care
  • Automated clinical workflows and EHR documentation
  • Service delivery and service recovery features
  • Enterprise-level interoperability with EHR, ADT, pharmacy, dietary and other technology systems
  • Online workflow management, reporting and analytic tools
  • Satisfaction surveys and health education comprehension testing
  • Self-service options for higher patient satisfaction with CareApps
  • Access to Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and thousands of other Android Apps, with streaming, on-demand, relaxation and game options
  • Remote Network Clone and software updates from a central location
  • Education compliance tracking and automated documentation are quick and easy to aid in discharge planning and reducing the average length of stay.
  • Custom branding and revenue generation opportunities for auxiliary services such as Pharmacy, Gift Shop and Foodservice or Café

Seamless Integration.

Your answer to better patient outcomes and higher patient satisfaction

Patient Education

MediaCare offers patient-specific education through the Interactive Bedside Tablet, Concierge Tablet, Digital Whiteboard or the in-room television. From the Interactive Patient Whiteboard or the Interactive Unit Whiteboard at the Nurse’s Station, clinicians and Nurses have full flexibility to make appropriate changes, adding or deleting videos for the patient to view. If a clinician determines that additional or different content should be delivered, the agility of MediaCare makes it easy.

  • Track and monitor content viewing and send reminders, or push content directly to the patient TV, even when the TV is off.
  • Play welcome videos to make patient feel welcome and comfortable on arrival, followed up with  digital content specific to their care and treatment.
  • Prepare them for discharge and post-stay care with video programming designed to encourage positive post-stay behaviors.
  • Make video education a condition for discharge to ensure patients are committed to their recovery – and reduce readmissions.

Patient Engagement

Helping patients feel comfortable and more at home can be a daunting task for any hospital, but a task that has proven to be worth the investment. MediaCare allows each facility to craft a robust, custom and flexible solution that meets its own ever-changing needs. Engage patients with surveys to support your quality, service and care goals with MediaCare.

  • Offer social connection with Family and Friends Connect videoconferencing.
  • Provide the opportunity to order meals from the bedside, based on dietary requirements.
  • Direct visitors to retail spaces with wayfinding maps on Interactive Digital Whiteboards.
  • Provide external Telemedicine on an interactive touchscreen so patients have more choices for care.

Patient Entertainment

HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions offer the best level of entertainment with first-run movies, television shows on-demand, pre-loaded and streaming games, Internet and social platform access, cable TV and more. Healthcare consumers expect quality, comfort and choice during their stay. MediaCare makes patient entertainment a welcome feature to alleviate stress, boredom and anxiety that can accompany a hospital stay. Patients, visitors and loved ones appreciate entertainment diversion when visiting loved ones. Interactive Patient Care features on digital Interactive Whiteboards and Interactive Tablets support family caregiver involvement, which can be particularly important for neonatal, pediatric and other vulnerable patient populations. Family & Friends Connect is a videoconferencing app to let patients visit securely with family and loved ones for comfort, encouragement and updates.

  • Relaxation content and soothing music through MediaCare options support rest and healing.
  • Streaming and preloaded games offer entertainment for patients of all ages.
  • Internet browsing, social platforms and popular email providers offer the chance to stay connected and engaged with social circles.
  • Provide diversion for patients and their families and loved ones to alleviate boredom and anxiety.

Patient Administration

MediaCare equips medical staff with a robust set of data tools that simplify and streamline the nursing workflow and drive higher patient satisfaction. Reporting in MediaCare offers both standard and custom reporting to help you make informed fiscal and human resource decisions. MediaCare features allow clinicians and staff to focus on timely delivery of quality patient care, and administrators have deep analysis into facility operation, patient use, and resource allocation as they relate to patient care. For IT leaders, MediaCare is managed from a single Data Center or IT department making any changes or upgrades simple, without having to disturb patients or rounding routines. Monitor staff movement with patient room RTLS data, or ensure good hygiene practices with automated tracking of hand wash stations using RFID. You know what data you need – MediaCare will deliver it.

  • Monitor service recovery and take the opportunity to respond while patients are still under care.
  • Monitor the number of triggered alerts and elapsed alert times for scheduling management.
  • Assign and monitor educational content activity and track compliance.
  • Track EVS cleaning activities and monitor bed turnover.


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