Nurse Call Companion

Nurse Call Companion Optimizes Workflow

Manage better. Schedule Better. Develop deeper patient relationships while reducing burnout. The HCI Nurse Call Companion Module optimizes workflow for busy Nurses and clinicians without sacrificing the quality of care delivery.

Integrated with MediaCare and existing hospital systems over the Interactive Concierge Tablet, busy Nurses can save steps, time and money by contacting patients via video right at the patient bedside using the Interactive Concierge Tablet located at the Nurses’ Station. In response to Pillow Speaker nurse calls for water, pain or other needs, video response eliminates the need to leave the Nurses’ Station. This maintains person-to-person care delivery while ensuring Nurses can optimize their daily work and stay on schedule to maintain throughput.

In compliance with Joint Commission recommendations for patient-centered communication, video response also supports those with alternative communication needs such as American Sign Language, or patients who may need additional language or comprehension support.

One touch on the Concierge Tablet interactive screen allows Clinical and Nursing staff to initiate a video call to respond to patient needs. All requests and responses are logged in the patient EHR.

Push Messaging

Nurses can also use the Nurse Call Companion Module on the Concierge Tablet to send push messages to patients, such as reminders, appointment scheduling or reminders to watch educational content. Using the simple on-screen keyboard, push messages save time and steps to ensure patients have the information they need when they need it.

Rounding and Nurse Notes

The Nurse Call Companion Module allows Nurses and clinicians to enter Rounding Notes and other patient notes right on the touchscreen. In addition, Nurses can enter Daily Goals for patients as the patient’s condition changes or other events occur. Since all notes are logged into the patient’s electronic health record, they become a permanent part of patient care history. In tandem with the Interactive Unit Whiteboard and our suite of interactive patient care solutions, we’ve got you covered.

We welcome a discovery conversation to determine your needs and if the Nurse Call Companion and Interactive Concierge Tablets are right for your facility. Arrange a live, online demo at your convenience to see how HCI can help you transform the way you deliver care and support your staff.

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