Patent Entertainment from HCI provides a home-like experience for patients.

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Patient Entertainment – Connection & Diversion

Patient entertainment plays a significant role in well-being and satisfaction. Patients expect to have as home-like an experience as possible when hospitalized. Since hospitalization is a challenging time when patients may feel vulnerable and isolated, a platform for their entertainment and communication is critical. Patients and their families often feel lost and confused when it comes to a hospital stay. A patient’s perception of their hospital stay and the care they received is tied to research showing that having a strong sense of connection to their normal routine, social groups and activities alleviates anxiety and boredom. With Interactive Whiteboards, Tablets and touch-enabled in-room televisions, entertainment options are easy to engage with and use.

Entertainment Investment & Patient Satisfaction

For healthcare providers, investment in an integrated patient entertainment and communication platform supplies impressive returns in patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores. That can drive referrals and positive reviews, establishing your facility as a preferred provider in your community. With MediaCare, you have an opportunity to create a less stressful and more engaging environment for your patients. Increase patient satisfaction with a patient portal containing a wide range of movies, streaming options, podcasts, games and relaxation content. Help your patients feel less anxious and more able to focus on their recovery with convenient entertainment options from HCI.

HCI partners with the biggest names in entertainment and wellness content for patient entertainment.

For healthcare consumers, digital entertainment content and social connection options while hospitalized are essential. Time in the hospital passes more quickly for patients when they have a range of entertainment options, which increases patient satisfaction. With seamless integration to all major streaming and cable services through HCI and MediaCare, patients have access to a wide variety of options for TV viewing, gaming, social connection and keeping in touch with family and friends through videoconferencing.

Features for Patients and Providers

  • Eliminate costly infrastructure and server boxes when providing television viewing options to patients and their families. MediaCare pairs each in-room television with the individual receiver, giving patients complete control over their viewing experience.
  • Maintenance and software changes or updates are managed across the enterprise from the Data Center or IT Department.
  • Clinicians can push messages to in-room televisions and Tablet TVs across the enterprise, offering appointment and treatment reminders, facility notifications, educational content prescriptions and discharge information.
  • HCI entertainment options integrate with any make or model of smart TV with an HDMI port, so our solution isn’t limited to a specific make or model. You can scale the integration to meet your organization’s specific needs.
  • Movies are available in both English and Spanish and can be displayed as closed-captioned. In addition to new releases, patients can select from a collection of film classics, Westerns, titles and exclusive content.
  • Patients have the option to control their in-room TV using either their Pillow Speaker or the capacitive touch screen on their BedMate Tablet TV.
  • Patients can search and select content they want to view or listen to, and age-appropriate content and parental controls are built into the integration and controlled just like they would be at home. That’s extra peace of mind for parents and guardians.
HCI's Interactive BedMate Tablet TV is a Hospital TV and Tablet TV designed specifically for infection control and ease of use as a patient television.

Visual guides help patients navigate to their favorite genres of entertainment. The BedMate Tablet TV has personal device ports so patients can use their own devices to access their favorite platforms.

Connection Options for Patient Entertainment

Interactive Channel Guide

Patients have choice using HCI's Interactive Channel Guide through MediaCare
  • Our Interactive Channel Guide makes it easy to find news, sports, movies, and all genres of entertainment programs. Tailor the guide with your branding, colors, and logo. Closed Captioning is standard, and you can configure the guide’s font size and scrolling speed to the needs of specific patients. With DirecTV and DISH Network integration, MediaCare taps into the existing infrastructure and eliminates the need for additional wires to patient TVs.


Offer patients choice with diversion activities using the Games App through MediaCare
  • MediaCare gives your patients an extensive selection of interactive games for a fun and engaging experience. Game play is controlled by the pillow speaker, touch-enabled bedside TV or wireless keyboard. Included are card games, word games, logic puzzles, crossword puzzles, trivia and cryptograms. Game consoles of all types can be plugged into the unit for patient and family gaming.

Social Media Channels

Social Channel access on HCI's BedMate Tablet TV.
  • Using their own login credentials over the organization’s Internet connection, patients can browse the Web and remain connected to social communities using the on-screen or wireless keyboard to stay connected with family, friends and social groups. Internet access allows connection with email providers so patients never miss the communication they’re used to.

Relaxation Content Supports Pain Management and Deeper Rest

What the experts say about the importance of relaxation

“We know that medical events have emotional and psychological consequences. While we attend to the body’s recovery, we often neglect attending the mind, emotions and spirit of the client. Offering clients a range of relaxing, inviting entertainment and relaxation options can improve their psychological well-being and ability to cope with the stress associated with physical illness. One of the gifts of improved emotional health is the positive impact it has on physical wellness and recovery from medical events.” 

~ Brett Dowdy, Psy.D., Chief of Psychological Services, Cincinnati’s Lindner Center of HOPE and Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

The most-viewed patient entertainment content in a typical healthcare facility is the Relaxation content. Often viewed in the evenings, HCI relaxation content offers eleven distinct categories of mindfulness and sleep-focused material geared toward helping patients relieve stress, boredom and relax more deeply.

HCI offers a range of soothing relaxation and mindfulness content for patients.

Relaxing video and music as entertainment content has a powerful effect on patient well-being to support better rest, recuperation and a quiet environment. This can lead to a better overall patient satisfaction level.

Family and Friends Interactive Module offers direct videoconferencing on hospital whiteboards and tablets to keep patients connected to loved ones.

Video Connection with Family and Friends

Family & Friends Connect gives patients the opportunity to securely videoconference with multiple locations to stay connected and engaged. Patients and families can provide updates and reassurance to remote family and loved ones. Video opens up a channel for remote family to feel engaged in the patient’s health journey by offering comfort from their location.

Revenue Generation Opportunities Using the Patient TV

With MediaCare, you have the opportunity to integrate with your in-house retail operations like Foodservice, Pharmacy and Gift Shop.

  • Offer patient entertainment through branded retail shopping and meal ordering, and provide pharmacy prescription fulfillment right from the bedside.
  • Through MediaCare, foodservice menus are tailored to the patient’s dietary guidelines as outlined in their EHR. If these services are subcontracted, we can easily integrate with your vendors.
  • Patients who take advantage of retail apps within your facility will receive automatic acknowledgement of their purchase, billing to their room as applicable. This feature can be activated as desired per patient, and the MediaCare dashboard provides reporting on services ordered and used.
Bedside Meal Ordering through MediaCare
Bedside Prescription Refills through MediaCare
Retail Ordering through MediaCare

We welcome a discovery conversation to illustrate the many options for patient entertainment in your organization. Schedule a brief, personalized virtual or in-person demo today and learn how to make your patient satisfaction scores soar.