Patient entertainment was once considered a luxury is now essential in today’s world. Time in the hospital passes more quickly for patients when they are entertained which in return helps increase patient satisfaction.

That is why HCI’s MediaCare takes entertainment seriously. Our solution offers the best level of entertainment with first-run movies, television shows on-demand, fun games, internet access, cable TV and more. The content that appears on the patient’s in-room TV comes with healthcare consumers expectations of quality, comfort, and choice.


Patient satisfaction can dramatically improve when you provide an interactive television guide that is like what they have at their home.  By utilizing our Interactive TV Guide, you can offer a home-like viewing experience for both the patient and visitor. This guide can be easily customized to the needs of your organization, your brand, and a particular patient.

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The Interactive TV Guide will create comfort for the patient and help to improve their overall wellbeing. The patient doesn’t have to miss their favorite television series or the latest released movies. We can provide scrolling TV listings that can:

  • Inform your guests and patients while they wait for their appointment
  • Let your patients know about daily specials from the comfort of their beds
  • Promote gift shop deals with dynamic in-store advertisements

The power and customization of the TV Guide offered to your patients is flexible and adjustable. The colors, fonts, and more can be updated to match your brand. Scrolling speed and font size can be adjusted as well to aide those with visual impairments. With this creative advertising opportunity, you will be able to differentiate from your competition.  You will stand out in front and be the first choice every patient makes.


HCI’s solution can seamlessly integrate with the latest cable providers like DirecTV and Dish Network. With our hardware solutions, you can now access a wealth of entertainment, sports, and news from a pillow speaker or virtual onscreen remote. These cable alternatives eliminate the need for costly infrastructure and server boxes needed for other television systems. We will tap into your existing infrastructure eliminating the need for additional wires to the television.

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By pairing each television with the individual receiver, you put the patients in full control. Patients can:

  • Access the onscreen program guide, navigating via touchscreen or pillow speaker control
  • Direct input channels
  • Full DIRECTV® or Dish Network menu and functionality including closed captioning
  • Access to exclusive DIRECTV® and Dish Network only content


Most healthcare facilities start engaging the patient the moment they enter their building, but to be truly patient-centric, the concern should begin when the patient leaves their home. While patient care is the primary concern, ensuring satisfaction in entertainment is significant. Most patients are restricted to stay in their bed and not leave the room. That allows the patient numerous hours where they must find some sort of entertainment. Patients want to have entertainment at their fingertips with the familiarity of home.

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Our integrated solution scales to your needs both today and tomorrow. We provide your facility a long-term solution that will positively impact patient satisfaction and education from day one. No other patient engagement and entertainment provider can match our level of flexibility.

Our solutions are all based on the Android platform and open the door to be able to access endless third-party apps. Just a few of the features using our system, built on Android, can provide you:

  • Internet access can be made accessible
  • Access to all the popular email providers and social media platforms
  • Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV and other similar apps can be downloaded to the devices for the patient to access with their own log-in credentials
  • Leverage to music, games and movies-on-demand
  • And so much more


HCI has partnered with the leading patient entertainment providers to help enhance the patient’s experience and entertain them throughout their stay. On MediaCare, patients can enjoy new release movies up to six months before they’re available on cable. Our extensive entertainment options feature the latest box office hits from Hollywood’s major studios

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Movies are available in both English and Spanish and can be displayed as closed-captioned. In addition to new releases, patients can select from a collection of film classics, westerns, children’s titles and unique features such as Hallmark Hall of Fame movies. This extra service can be tailored to the facilities needs and help boost the patient experience.


From Sudoku to Fortune Trivia, MediaCare gives patients an extensive selection of interactive games. Games provide a fun and engaging experience. Each game is easily controlled from the pillow speaker or wireless keyboard.

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Adults and children alike enjoy the pleasant diversion of a game. These titles include card games, word games, logic puzzles, crossword puzzles and cryptograms. Game consoles of all types can be plugged into the unit for patient and family gaming.


Providing an environment that offers comforts and relaxation to a patient will help keep them satisfied during their stay.  Studies have shown that adding the extra feature of relaxation videos to their entertainment package become helpful in blocking out the noise and keeps them calmer during their stay. They enjoy a quieter, more soothing environment, which can enhance rest and sleep.

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The HCI collection of relaxation videos is unparalleled and extensive. We have partnered with Window Channel Network to enhance the patient experience, improve outcomes, and accelerate efforts to reduce noise creating a restful and peaceful environment. With eleven distinct categories of spiritual, mindfulness and sleep-focused videos, Window Channel Network partner hospitals have seen proven results and enhanced reimbursements.


Meeting patient’s spiritual needs are important. Some patients are unable to attend chapels and must remain in their beds. With HCI’s spiritual content you can still provide the service of a chapel at their bedside. The spiritual videos that are offered can help to put the patient at ease and provide comfort.