MediaCare Hardware & Software

MediaCare is an innovative, enterprise-level solution to help address significant challenges in healthcare today.

MediaCare is designed to make patient education compliance, tracking and automated documentation simpler. Our integrated patient care solution aids in discharge planning to reduce the average length of stay, and offers detailed analyses for better resource management.

MediaCare is the industry’s most advanced education, entertainment and content management solution. It delivers clinical management tools to healthcare facilities both large and small. The platform allows remote administration of Interactive Whiteboards and in-room televisions, so personalized education and communication with patients is easier. MediaCare is compatible with our Interactive WhiteboardsInteractive Concierge TabletInteractive Bedside Tablet, HUBand  RoomMate Televisions.

MediaCare’s intuitive Dashboard puts the control of patient care plans at clinicians’ fingertips, while simplifying workflows. It offers service recovery opportunities through automated surveys that use branching logic, and much more.

  • Push delivery and on-demand patient-specific education plans, including education resources and discharge planning information for patients and family/caregivers
  • Videoconferencing and Telemedicine capabilities for 360˚ care
  • Automated clinical workflows and EHR documentation
  • Service delivery and service recovery features
  • Enterprise-level interoperability with EHR, ADT, pharmacy, dietary and other technology systems
  • Online workflow management, reporting and analytic tools
  • Satisfaction surveys and health education comprehension testing
  • Self-service options for higher patient satisfaction with CareApps
  • Access to Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and thousands of other Android Apps, with streaming, on-demand, relaxation and game options
  • Remote Network Clone and software updates from a central location
  • Education from the world’s most authoritative voices in healthcare
  • Compliance tracking with automated documentation to aid in discharge planning and reducing the average length of stay
  • Custom branding and revenue generation opportunities for auxiliary services such as Pharmacy, Gift Shop and Foodservice or Café

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