HUB Patient Console

Patient Engagement at Scale

HCI’s HUB patient console set top box is the most advanced interactive patient education and engagement solution available. It’s a highly flexible, scalable and cost-effective platform which can be deployed on any TV with an HDMI port. With it, you can enhance your internal patient engagement programs and quality/safety initiatives to influence patient satisfaction in real time.

The HUB Patient Console for:

Patients and Residents

  • Take advantage of quality surveys and tailored self- service options.
  • With the HUB, provide instant access to educational content, movies, Internet, email, social media and streaming apps and games.
  • Utilizing the existing Pillow Speaker or remote, patients can navigate to Apps using arrow selections via the menu with a simple click.
  • Medication Search, Pharmacy Fulfillment, relaxation content and bedside meal or retail ordering are available to help increase medication compliance.
  • Patients can view their Care Team information and access health information with their personal credentials.

Health and Residential Care Providers

  • Maximize reimbursements by ensuring patient satisfaction – use the HUB to distribute surveys and gauge service satisfaction.
  • Equip patients with useful educational content and measure comprehension levels to make sure they understand their condition and treatments.
  • Connect and communicate with more providers to deliver automated and customized care plans.
  • Administer and manage HUIB consoles with TV content and upgrades across the network from a single location or data center.
  • The HUB can push content, like pushing notifications to in-room TVs. Even if the TV is off, messages will display on the TV.

Read the HCI White Paper on how facilities of any size can scale a patient engagement solution to fit their specific needs with hospital whiteboards, patient TVs, and the HUB Patient Console.

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