RoomMate Televisions

The RoomMate Patient TV from HCI

The HCI RoomMate patient television is a complete solution for patient engagement, education and entertainment. The RoomMate supports a better patient experience, since it provides digital education and entertainment choices with MediaCare. Features include remote control access or TV front panel push button access.

RoomMate: A Feature-Rich Footwall Patient TV

The RoomMate has a range of features:

  • Add, remove and control TV content using the Admin remote for full influence over the TV experience throughout the patient’s stay.
  • You can preload educational content, or integrate with your existing educational content systems. In addition, you can use MediaCare to push new content based on diagnosis code or clinical orders from the EHR.
  • The TV includes personal device ports for patients to use with their own devices and login credentials – it’s web-browsing enabled.
  • Preload surveys for completion prior to discharge for service recovery, or notifications, reminders and announcements direct via MediaCare. The Survey App includes a branching logic feature to distribute surveys based on criteria you select.
  • The RoomMate allows you to preload any content locally, or integrate a TV guide with your facility lineup to offer streaming games, music, social networks, relaxation content, games, or on-demand entertainment.
  • One-touch clearing of patient data: schedule automated secure data clearing for discharge or manually wipe patient data.
  • The RoomMate is compatible with all major brands of Pillow Speaker and programmable universal remotes.
  • For customization, modify layouts, banners, branding and colors to promote your brand and retail spaces.
  • With MediaCare, network cloning and remote administration is included so you can schedule and optimize workflows.
  • Available in a 42” size with a variety of mounts to accommodate room and space considerations.
  • What’s more, the tempered glass front of the TV is easy to clean using standard hospital cleaners for infection control.

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