Interactive Digital Whiteboards

HCI interactive patient care solutions include touch-enabled, digital and interactive hospital whiteboards, patient tablets, and in-room patient televisions for better patient satisfaction and staff engagement.Educate. Empower. Optimize.

Interactive digital whiteboards are a perfect model for hospital technology adoption – doing a task better, faster, at less cost, and with improved connections between patients and staff.

ADT and Patient Status Monitoring

HCI digital hospital whiteboards in healthcare settings provide one-touch, at-a-glance patient monitoring and rounding, and show RTLS Care Team information when a member of the Care Team enters a patient room. This supports CDS processes for better communication.In a typical twenty-five bed unit, it’s not uncommon for fifteen admissions, transfers and discharges to take place daily, and updating whiteboards is just a small part of that job. A patient’s status may also change at any time – and so must the whiteboard. Caregiver assignments change multiple times per day – and so must the whiteboard. With so many moving parts, it’s simply not possible to keep information up to date. Interactive digital whiteboards change the game.

Fortunately, today’s hospital information systems track the majority of this information. Interactive digital whiteboards integrate with an electronic health record (EHR) system and other hospital information systems to update accurately, automatically and in real time, providing better care team communication and offering a better patient experience.

Interactive digital whiteboards in patient rooms provide advantages dry erase boards can’t match. The dry-erase board, found in every hospital unit and patient room, is a long-standing communication tool used to display patient assignments, contact information, and critical clinical information. HCI offers a range of touch-enabled, digital devices for patient administration and engagement to support patient-centered care and optimized workflows.Automated updates reduce the time needed to collect patient data, find markers, clean boards and write the information by hand. Integration with existing EHR data and key hospital systems like dietary, RTLS, PAC, EVS and Pharmacy automates whiteboard updates, eliminating redundant nonclinical work and optimizing workflows.

Digital Whiteboards pay for themselves through improved patient outcomes, streamlined workflow, and lower maintenance or replacement costs. Network administration from a central location eliminates the need for individual patient room visits to update dry erase boards or distribute printed information. Try our ROI Calculator to see how we can support your goals.

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