10-Bed PowerMate Power Supply

The HCI 10-Bed PowerMate allows care providers to manage power for up to 10 hospital beds from a single power supply box that can be reset without opening the box.


The 10-Bed PowerMate is a multiple hospital room/bed power supply to manage power from a single power box. This is important not only in standard care units, but for Emergency Departments as well, where maintaining power can be critical. The PowerMate can be reset without opening the box, and has a special key to limit interior access to authorized personnel only. It comes with standard, grounded AC plug and has an illuminated LED power indicator light for the box itself and for each COAX connection, so it’s easy to identify which relay needs service. The power supply is housed in an all steel case for safety and security. It has full circuit protection with a 10A Main Breaker/Power Switch and a 3A Thermal Breaker for each switch. The PowerMate is wall mounted with the included 16” Hanging Bracket. A 24” Hanging Bracket is available upon request.

Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 18.25 × 12.58 × 6.75 in

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