Ceiling Mount Articulating Outreach Arm

The HCI Ceiling Mount Articulating Arm for Tablets and TVs installs securely and offers 360˚ movement for optimal patient viewing. Ceiling Mount Articulating Arms have multiple VESA patterns for tablet mount and secure TVs in place with no “sink”.


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Product Description

Secure and Versatile

The new Ceiling Mount Articulating Arm (Outreach V3) for Tablets and TVs installs securely and offers 360˚ articulating movement for optimal viewing. The Articulating Ceiling Mount offers smooth, silent operation with no exposed mounting screws or wires – hidden cable management is built right in. This tablet mount offers two VESA patterns, 75mm and 100mm, to fit the needs of your facility.

Choice in Ceiling Mounting

There are two options for mounting the Arm. Based on your preference and existing ceiling infrastructure, this Arm can be mounted with the ceiling plate exposed, or it can be mounted with the ceiling plate hidden beneath the existing ceiling. Your HCI Service Team can work with you and your building team to determine which option is best for you and your patients.

Engage and Teach

The flush-mounted plate for the articulating arm stays secure on the ceiling. Position the Ceiling Mount Arms in an optimal location above the bed to allow video calls with loved ones or telemedicine visits where the patient is comfortable viewing and participating in the call on their bedside tablet. The Ceiling Mount Arm makes it easy for patients to control their bedside TV and access educational content or self-service options on BedMate Tablet TVs.  These sleek Ceiling Mount Arms make video calls and engagement on attached interactive tablets easy.

Ergonomic and Patient-Forward Design

The Ceiling Mount Articulating Arm fits HCI 13″ and 15″ BedMate bedside Tablet TVs or other touch-enabled tablets. With a lighter weight and ergonomic halo/hand grip at the base of the tablet, patients can adjust the tablet and Arm to their preference for optimal viewing. The Arms stay put once positioned and there is no gradual, annoying “sink” of the Arm angle. Arm operation is easy for patients with movement challenges or weak hands or fingers.

The Articulating Arms in the product series feature silent motion, hidden cable management and there are no exposed mounting screws. The Arms work with HCI Health-Key wireless keyboards for even more options for patients. It features fully cleanable surfaces to help with infection control and can be cleaned with any hospital-grade cleaners.

With highly flexible angle positions, attached tablets can face any direction the patient or resident may need to be most comfortable. These are all features we designed into the Arms specifically for healthcare or congregate living environments and patient/resident welfare and safety.


These articulating arms fit any environmental decor or design aesthetic. In a neutral ivory color and made of lightweight aluminum, they have tensile strength to withstand hundreds of thousands of hours of use and clean easily.  The Arms have a minimal footprint, freeing up space for other patient care and monitoring equipment.

HCI Articulating Ceiling Arm Mount for Patient TV

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Product Documentation

HCI Ceiling Mount Articulating Outreach Arm

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