Interactive Hall Whiteboard

The Interactive Hall Whiteboard is HCI’s solution to the static wall display, allowing vital patient information to be viewed instantly by the care team, providing more time for patient care.

Product Description

HCI presents the Interactive Hall Whiteboard, taking the patient wall display to a whole new level.

The HCI Interactive Hall Whiteboard increases medical staff efficiency and keeps them informed about patient protocols and alerts in real time. It replaces the static wall display outside the patient room with an interactive, digital wall display showing HIPPA-compliant patient information at-a-glance, fed from the EMR, RTLS and Nurse Call systems. It utilizes MediaCare , our enterprise-wide integration software, to provide automatic EMR updates regarding patient status. Digital protocol “flags” are easily customizable, and the Interactive Hall Whiteboard provides Alerts with elapsed time to response. Any changes or updates to the patient’s EMR are automatically updated to the electronic medical record and displayed on the in-room Digital Whiteboard. A wide range of customizable, pertinent information can be displayed with modules created using the Android Operating System.

The Interactive Hall Whiteboard digital display is secure, HIPAA-compliant and customizable to your brand.

The Interactive Hall Whiteboard has a brightly lit LED surround to ensure any Alerts are immediately recognized and response is noted. The Interactive Hall Whiteboard can easily be branded to extend your facility’s reach to patients and visitors. Modules displayed on the Interactive Hall Whiteboard are customizable for HIPPA compliance, and the screen has a lockout feature to prevent tampering, with access by Administrator password only. Patient data can be scheduled for secure clearing upon discharge, or manually as desired. 

Commonly requested display modules include:

  • Protocol InfoTile Restrictions
  • Last and Next Visit (Rounding)
  • Visitor Restrictions
  • Care Team, with or without Photos
  • Active Alerts with Elapsed Time
  • Branding
  • Floor Map/Wayfinding
  • Admin Authorization

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Interactive Hall Whiteboard Instillation