Interactive Hall Whiteboard

The Interactive Hall Whiteboard is HCI’s HIPAA-compliant solution to the static patient room sign display, showing vital patient information and color-coded alerts for instant viewing by Care Teams, providing more time for patient care and faster, more accurate rounding and alert response.

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HCI Interactive Hall Whiteboard

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The Interactive Hall Whiteboard Takes the Patient Wall Display to a Whole New Level

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HCI offers a COVID-specific app for the Hall Whiteboard which can be set to display real-time vitals, such as Pulse Ox, SpO2, ECG Trace and Current Test Status.

Interactive Hall Whiteboards are 100% configurable and can be set up to display graphical images for restriction protocols using digital images or icons, and can display Messages of on HCI hospital whiteboards, hand washing icons can be set to alert when proper hygiene is practiced through integration with "Go-Jo" type software systems.the Day or digital art or branding. HCI will work with you to establish the most effective layout for your hospital system standards.


Align Communication for a Higher Degree of Care Delivery

The Hall Whiteboard increases staff efficiency and keeps team communication aligned real time. The Hall Whiteboard integrates with MediaCare, our enterprise-wide integration software, to provide automatic updates regarding patient status. The LED-illuminated frame corresponds with dome lights and displays a color-coded alert with elapsed time when an alert is triggered; multiple alerts stack on the display in order of priority.  Whenever an update or rounding information is updated on a connected device, all interactive devices update with new information. Any changes made on and connected HCI devices automatically update the Hall Whiteboard, or if the Hall Whiteboard information is edited, all connected devices will update with the new information.

CleanCall provides safety and enhances patient communication and care team alignment.In addition, CleanCall, HCI’s exclusive patient video app, allows clinicians and Nurses to video with patients from the Hall Whiteboard without having to enter the room. Staff members in the patient room and donned in PPE don’t need to doff their gear and exit the room if another Team member needs to reach them – just video through the Hall Whiteboard.



RTLS information integrated with MediaCare provides caregivers and families a way to review rounding and care histories for patients.A Real Time Record of Patient Care

Digital protocol and restriction “flags” are easily customizable with InfoTiles, which can be customized to your care standards and display upon Admittance from the EHR, such as “Fall Risk” and “NPO”. When integrated with the RTLS system, the Hall Whiteboard displays the name and photo of Care Team or staff members when they enter the room and when they leave the room, recording that entry/exit in the EHR and Visitor log to create a Round record. Visitor Status, Room Status and custom branding are easily added.

Commonly requested display modules include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Protocol InfoTile Restrictions
  • Last and Next Visit (Rounding)
  • Visitor Restrictions
  • Care Team, with or without Photos
  • Active Alerts with Elapsed Time
  • Branding
  • Floor Map/Wayfinding
  • Admin Authorization

We welcome a discovery conversation to learn about your quality initiatives and goals.

Learn how the Hall Whiteboard can be an important part of your workflow strategy.

Product Documentation

HCI Interactive Hall Whiteboard

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