HCI Admin Remote

The HCI Admin Remote features functionality buttons that allow healthcare facility staff to program a Patient’s in-room TV functions with Cloning, IR Control and other key features.


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Product Description

HCIHCI Admin Remote Full-Featured Functionality to Support Patient Education and Entertainment

The HCI Admin Remote provides staff capabilities to streamline getting a patient’s in-room TV set up for their stay. The patient TV is a valuable tool to support better patient satisfaction with entertainment and education apps. Using a password, Care Teams and in-facility staff can program channels, set restrictions and set up other capabilities of patient in-room televisions. They can access and assign educational content for patients to watch, even if the in-room TV is set on another function. Administrators and staff who are managing and programming patient TVs have the ability to clone the settings of one TV and more those settings to another TV, and manage the IR bands for multi-patient rooms with more than one tv, so patient remotes are not in conflict when controlling their TVs. The Remote can establish Pillow Speaker connection, audio and TV programming The HCI Admin Remote provides a range of administrative functions for setting up patient TVs with configurable features to meet your facility standards.all with this easy-to-use Admin remote.

HCI Admin Remote Offers Additional Capabilities

Using the “EDU” button, staff can take a patient direct to the educational content and assign new content to watch, and shows the MyCare CareApps for self-service options. In some cases, TV programming and Apps are paid; the Admin Remote allows staff to set up “Bank” channels to identify which channels, entertainment or Apps may require payment and on what level the payment occurs. The HCI Admin Remote even has a blank space for adding customized apps or functions. We can work with you for any configuration that fits your facility needs. Whether it’s setting up a patient TV for one TV or many, HCI’s groundbreaking MediaCare platform makes it easy, so staff can do what they do best: deliver quality care.

For patients, see our Patient Remote.

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