HCI Keyboard – IPTV (Gen II) version

The HCI Patient Keyboard offers features for direct control of a RoomMate hospital television.The HCI Patient Keyboard works with our RoomMate hospital TVs, designed for patient engagement and entertainment. With a wide, soft silicone keyboard and keys, and simple, intuitive touchpad, the Patient keyboard is simple to use for those with non-traditional device access or physical challenges with touch-enabled devices. The keyboard features Hot Keys along the top in a bright yellow so patients can easily see the entertainment or educational content they choose. Large navigation arrows and media controls provide intuitive access to the RoomMate TV.  By connecting to a patient’s Curbell Pillow Speaker, they have control over input for TV control, enabling a sense of empowerment during their hospital stay.

The Patient Keyboard features:

  • An Android menu, back, home and search buttons
  • Navigational arrow buttons for ease of use with the HCI interface
  • Plugs directly into Curbell Gen 4 HCI Interactive Android pillow speaker via 1/8” jack
  • Hot keys take patient directly to browser, DVD, TV, etc.
  • Can be wiped clean with standard hospital cleaners

Contact HCI today to learn how we can support your patient engagement requirements with a range of keyboards design specifically for greater patient satisfaction and engagement.

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Product Description

The HCI Patient Keyboard for HCI Gen III Android RoomMate TVs provides Hot Keys for Educational content, Entertainment options and more.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 12 in

Patient Keyboard Information

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