HCI Patient Remote

The HCI Patient Remote Control is a specially-designed infrared remote control which allows patients to control all the standard functions of their in-room HCI television. HCI IR Patient Remote Control offers functions for patients to control their in-room hospital TV.

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Product Description

HCI Infrared Patient Remote Control

The HCI Patient Remote Control includes a Guide, large Volume and Channel buttons, a Mute button and a “Last” button to return to the channel just watched. An identifiable HCI Patient Remote Control allows patients to have control over the func lions on their in-room hospital TV. Home button navigates to the main menu and a Return button acts as a “Back” feature. The large, marked “Power” button makes it easy to turn the TV on and off. With its easy-to-read and intuitive button arrangement, patients of any comprehension or cognition level can effortlessly navigate the functions of their TV.

Designed with infection control in mind, the protective layer on the outside of the remote prevents microbes from entering between the buttons. This makes it easy to clean the remote with standard hospital-grade cleaners. As an added benefit, this protective layer reduces damage from patient use over time. The remote operates on two AA batteries at a distance of up to twenty-five feet. Patients have the opportunity to engage with HCI entertainment and Self-Service options using the controls on the remote, too.

Supporting a better patient experience means providing patients a stay experience that is as close to their home routine as is possible. A patient TV offers diversion, alleviates boredom and helps family members and visitors pass the time when their loved one is out of the room for treatment or therapies. The Patient Remote makes it easy to navigate the functions of the TV without frustration using an intuitive keypad, similar to one they might have at home.

Offer patients and their family/visitors a more homelike experience with a Patient Remote designed to work with our RoomMate Infection Control TVs, offering them more comprehensive information on their care while providing a familiar experience.

For Administrative control, see our Admin Remote.

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