Health-Key Infection Control Keyboard Model 2

The Health-Key Infection Control Keyboard Model 2 offers both wired and wireless connections and a quick-charging battery with up to 30-day life. Ideal for use in patient rooms with patient engagement systems and Internet-connected TVs for higher levels of patient satisfaction.

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HCI Health-Key Keyboards

Infection Control Keyboards

The HCI Model 2 Health-Key Infection Control Keyboard Features:

IP67 water-resistant and dishwasher safe

Automatic notification when keyboard needs to be cleaned, based on set number of touches

Wired and wireless connectivity

Rechargeable, up to 30-day battery life

Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices

Large, easy to navigate keyboard with laser-printed keys

Set Hot Keys for common functions

Compatible with all smart TVs

Includes TV remote control functionality

Standard video controls (play/pause, fast forward, rewind)

Acts as supplemental TV controller and speaker for visitors

Allows patients and visitors to make requests and complete surveys in real time


HCI Health-Key Infection Control Keyboards reduce viral load for a high-touch item in the healthcare setting. This peripheral keyboard can be used in patient rooms, laboratory settings, research facilities, pharmacies, surgical bays and other areas where infection control, liquid resistance and capacitive touch support better patient care and protect from pathogens. They are compatible with any smart TV and have large, east-to-read laser-printed keys under the tough glass surface for durability and safety. To enhance patient and staff safety, we make our keyboards in hygienic white, so that bodily fluids, spills, dust and other contaminants are easier to spot, letting the user know it is time to disinfect.

HCI Health Key Keyboards come standard with the HCI Mobile Teleconference and Workstation Cart, which allows clinicians to move their work station as needed. Our Health-Key hospital keyboards, bundled with HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions, support strict hygiene protocols to protect patients and staff.

Contact HCI today for more information on our exclusive Health-Key Keyboard series for infection control.

Health-Key Keyboard Brochure | Model 2

Health-Key Keyboards

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