Health-Key Infection Control Keyboard Model 2

The Health-Key Infection Control Model 2 Keyboard offers both wired and wireless connections and a quick-charging battery with up to 30-day life. Ideal for use in patient rooms with patient engagement systems or Internet-connected TVs.

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HCI Health-Key Keyboards

Infection Control Keyboards


IP67 water-resistant and dishwasher safe

Automatic notification when keyboard needs to be cleaned, based on set number of touches

Wired and wireless connectivity

Rechargeable, up to 30-day battery life

Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices

Large, easy to navigate keyboard with laser-printed keys

Set Hot Keys for common functions

Compatible with all smart TVs

Includes TV remote control functionality

Standard video controls (play/pause, fast forward, rewind)

Acts as supplemental TV controller and speaker for visitors

Allows patients and visitors to make requests and complete surveys in real time

Informational Flyer

Health-Key Keyboards

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