Health-Key Infection Control Keyboard

Created in collaboration with a major hospital for both patient room and clinician workstation use, Health-Key Infection Control Keyboards are easy to keep clean, set up and use. The infection control Health-Key Keyboard signals when it needs to be cleaned.

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Product Description

Health-Key Keyboards: Built for Infection Control and Durability

HCI is the number one provider of cost effective, infection control hospital-grade keyboards. Studies show that 25% of hospital keyboards tested positive for the deadly super bug “MRSA”. With that in mind, we designed the HCI Health-Key Keyboard. The Health-Key Keyboard automatically alerts when cleaning is required, and the glass-topped keyboard can be cleaned with any hospital grade disinfectant or placed in a dishwasher. This cleaning feature is dependent on the amount of maximum user touches and can be adjusted in the settings. No other technology provider offers the range of features for an infection control keyboard than those offered by HCI in the Health-Key line.

Choice and Functionality

The HCI HealthKey Keyboard is available in three models, featuring:

  • USB, Bluetooth, and 2.4G Wireless Connectivity
  • Multiple device control
  • Ultra-durable: Built to take washing and abuse
  • Durable, laser printed keys with UV coating
  • Plug and play simplicity for Windows PCs
  • 12 shortcut Hot Keys: Instantly access email, launch a web search or pause music with one touch

Health-Key Keyboards from HCI Feature:

  • IP67 water-resistant and dishwasher safe housing
  • Automatic notification when keyboard needs to be cleaned
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Rechargeable; up to 30-day battery life
  • Compatibility with all smart TVs
  • TV remote control functionality
  • Standard video controls (play/pause, fast forward, rewind)
  • Built-in speaker plays TV audio via Bluetooth
  • Headphone jack
  • Supplemental TV controller and speaker for visitors
  • Allows patients and visitors to make requests and complete surveys in real time
  • Red backlight automatically signals “Do Not Disturb” when in Physician Order Entry mode with many major EHRs (including Epic, Cerner, Meditech and VistA)
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices

Health-Key Model 2 Keyboard

Health-Key Model 3 Keyboard

Product Information

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