The HUB – Android Set Top Box

HCI’s newest product, the HUB, is our most advanced interactive patient education and engagement solution to date. It is a highly flexible, cost-effective platform, and can be deployed on any TV with an HDMI port. Healthcare providers can quickly transform their current televisions into a full-featured patient entertainment, education, and communication solution.

  • Push delivery of patient-specific education plans
  • Patient Whiteboard access to important care, room, and staff information
  • Online workflow management, reporting, and analytic tools
  • Satisfaction surveys and comprehension testing
  • Automated clinical workflows and EMR documentation
  • Hospital branding and revenue generation opportunities for hospital and auxiliary services such as Pharmacy, Gift Shop, and Cafe
  • Patients can also connect with the comforts of home through entertainment options such as blockbuster movies, games, relaxation programming, and music
  • Built-in Television Tuner
  • PoE Option
  • Up to 4K Video Output
  • Expandable Memory
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Product Description

Experience first-hand what our technology can do for you.

The use of Android devices in hospitals has transformed many aspects of clinical practice. HCI brings this technology to healthcare facilities and  provides a flexible and future-proof platform for healthcare facilities to entertain, educate and inform patients, visitors and staff like never before. Because Android is an open platform, it is easy to create custom apps designed specifically for your facility and patient needs.  We have developed our own CareApps to advance the patient experience and take it a whole new level.  Learn more about the CareApps below.

Messaging App

Instant messages can be sent to the TV regardless of what the patient is doing. This includes playing games on the android system, connecting an external gaming device, or if the device is off.

Mass Messaging Built-In:

  • Send any message at any time (scheduled or not) with just a few clicks regardless of TV on/off status
  • Acquire real time patient feedback on any issue at any time
  • Follow-up reminders can be sent to the patient
  • Improve HCAHPS with constant interactive patient & staff dialogue

Service Request App

  • Automate non-clinical tasks and reduce task saturation with our Built-in Service Request App
    • MediaCare supports an unlimited number of Categories and an unlimited number of Service Requests
    • Patient requests are directed to the fulfillment provider every time
  • Ability to allow patients to view menus and place meal orders
    • Can be expanded to include the canteen, gift shops, etc….

Patient Education App

Easily prescribe educational videos to the patients TV. By providing this service you  Educational content can sent on demand which immediately would play on the patient’s TV. If ADT integration is present, educational content is automatically populated in the prescribed area of HCI’s education app.

With this task being automated clinicians can:

  • focus on quality of care they are providing
  • Provide the correct education for the patient’s diagnosis
  • access patient information and reduce time
  • make education convenient for patients and families.

RX Search App

Having trouble identifying prescription, OTC, generic, and brand name pills and capsules? Quickly identify drugs and medications, including pill identifying pictures, using the RxList Pill Identifier Tool. Lack of knowledge on prescribed medicines for the patient can:

  • increase the progression in the disease
  • increase time in hospital
  • unable to avoid extra doctor and emergency room visits
  • increase cost for hospital

Whiteboard App

Uses typically include: scheduling, patient updates, and care team information. The Whiteboard App can automate and enhance many of these functions, while continuing to provide a writing area for communication. What’s more, the surface is magnetic for easy attachment of papers. This innovative communication tool can also:

  • Integrate with the EMR to display patient daily goals, schedule and more
  • Organize and increase the efficiency of your staff
  • Keep the patient, family and caregivers informed and involved
  • Increase satisfaction of the patient and caregivers

Relax App

Being in the hospital can be a very stressful time for the patient, caregivers and family members. Our Relax App will help them unwind, clear their head, and help get a good night’s sleep.  Three relaxation videos are included with a television purchase.

Music Apps

Many believe that with music comes healing powers.  It has been stated that much can help both patients and clinical staff reduce stress, which leads to better outcomes for all.  As all our devices use the Android platform the options of apps for music that a healthcare facility can offer is endless.

Survey App

Facilities can track the performance and areas that need improvement.  Our Survey App has:

  • Ability to survey patients through on-demand or non-intrusive prompts
  • Survey questions can be customized in a variety of formats
  • Dynamically change the follow up question based on the patient response
  • Patient responses trigger messages to staff members alerting them to patient satisfaction issues
  • Patients can provide free text comments, suggestions or compliments
  • All messages can be routed to the appropriate staff

Clear My Data App

This app was designed to ensure that the patients’ health information is properly protected.  The staff will have the ability to clear all the patients’ information off of their television device at any given time.  Not only will the staff member be able wipe the device clean, but you can also set it to manually clear the data once the patient is discharged.

Custom TV Guide App

We are able to provide a scrolling TV listings that can:

  • inform your guests and patients while they wait for their appointment
  • promote activities, events, and birthday celebrations to residents.
  • let your residents know about daily specials from the comfort of their beds
  • promote gift shop deals with dynamic in-store advertisements

Android Apps

Our integrated solution scales to your needs both today and tomorrow. We can provide your facility a long-term solution that will impact patient satisfaction and education from day one. No other platform provides this level of flexibility. See below some features we can provide you.

  • Internet access can be made accessible
  • Access to all the popular email providers
  • Netflix, Hulu, Swing TV and other similar apps can be downloaded to the devices for the patient to access with their own log-in credentials
  • HCI provides a selection of apps when delivering a product, but other games can be made accessible

RemoteView App

RemoteView allows you to remotely connect, monitor, and control your HCI devices.  It serves as an effective tool for administrators who need a hands-on experience without ever leaving their desk.

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