HUB Set Top Box

HCI’s HUB Set Top Box is the most advanced interactive patient education and engagement solution available. It is a highly flexible, scalable and cost-effective platform which can be deployed on any TV with an HDMI port.


Product Description

Optimize Workflows and Increase Patient Engagement

Hospitals look to increase reimbursements by improving the patient experience and optimizing performance with patient communication tools that integrate into their EHR (Electronic Health Record) system. The HUB provides healthcare facilities the ability to integrate with existing patient support systems and display smart TV technology with their existing TV infrastructure. Giving patients instant access to patient education, movies, social media, email and games can often lead to higher patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores. The HUB, powered by Android apps and HCI’s enterprise platform, MediaCare, offers The HUB Set Top Box from HCI is a scalable, budget-friendly way to provide patients with a wide range of education and entertainment options for a batter patient experience.a complete patient engagement solution. Utilizing the existing pillow speaker, patients can navigate to engagement Apps using the cursor arrows and select their choice with a simple click using familiar controls, just like they would at home.

Better Transitions and Health Literacy

The HUB Set Top Box supports patient engagement by providing apps and feedback opportunities so they participate more readily in decision-making about their care and preparing them better for the transition from hospital to home, or from infusion treatment sequences to recovery. Healthcare providers can quickly transform their current televisions into a full-featured patient entertainment, education, and communication solution using the HUB Set Top Box:

  • Maximize reimbursements by helping to ensure patient satisfaction and exceeding CMS regulations.
  • Equip patients with useful educational content and comprehension testing to ensure understanding.
  • Connect and communicate with other hospital systems to provide automated and customized care plans.
  • Craft a robust, custom, and flexible solution that meets Care Team and patient needs and expectations.
  • Create opportunities for service recovery through custom survey questionnaires.
  • Perform remote configuration and updates, minimizing patient inconvenience.

As hospital budgets tighten, the HUB Set Top Box offers the most cost-effective solution to upgrade existing patient care solutions instead of facing the cost and inconvenience of replacing all patient televisions at once. The HUB Set Top Box provides a complete, scalable solution to fit your needs.

For multiple bed power management with HUBs or any HCI product, consider the 10-Bed PowerMate for secure, easy power management and maintenance from a single location.

Product Documentation

HUB Set Top Box

Additional Information

Weight 2.75 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1.6 × 9.5 in

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