Infection Control Series RoomMate Android-powered TV

With patient expectations increasing exponentially, it’s critical that facilities not only provide high-quality care, but also offer resources that will engage, educate, and entertain the patient during their stay. The patient television is a valuable piece of real estate that can provide the best in education, entertainment, and communications.

Facilities all over the world rely on our hardware and software to ensure clinical efficiency and patient satisfaction. Unlike other televisions manufactured today, HCI’s RoomMate is more than television but rather a complete solution.

Patient education is a vital part of achieving better patient outcomes. HCI’s connected televisions assist hospital staff in their efforts to educate patients with the use of multi-media content right at the patients’ fingertips from the comfort of their hospital bed.

With the Roommates, patients can access the hospital’s library of educational videos and videos on demand, learn about their treatment and their medicines and stay in contact with friends and family. For a patient, a television can be much more than just a television: it can be friends, family, the outside world, and control over their hospitalization. The Generation III RoomMate offers a built-in web browser to accommodate patients and visitors. This next generation television also runs on the Android™ operation system, which means hospitals can download Android™ apps for patients, visitors and staff. HCI also offers its own Android apps, such as the patient survey. Healthcare facilities can receive real-time feedback to help increase patient satisfaction.

  • Educate pre-load multi-media content, like videos and images, onto the patient in-room televisions to share educational information on procedures, conditions, and treatments; offer Android™ apps that interact with and teach patients and their families the supplemental information they need.
  • Entertain: download Android™ games to occupy patients both young and not-so-young and their families during their stay; pre-load movies onto the TV network for on-demand access.
  • Inform: market your healthcare facility to patients and their visitors via the connected TV network; send essential messages to patients via the TV whiteboard, share your web links to direct patients and staff to your facility’s website and outreach programs; give patients and visitors visiting hour information, chapel hours, support group information and more.

The Roommate has benefits for your staff as well. The television’s controls and navigation systems are intuitive – access the hospital’s library of educational videos and videos on demand to give consistent patient care regarding treatment and medications. Hospital administration can use the Gen III Roommate to promote their hospital’s enhanced patient experience as a competitive advantage. The RoomMate is easy to install, easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

Roommate Infection Control Televisons are made in 22″, 27″, 32″ and 42″

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