Interactive Concierge Tablet

The Interactive Concierge Tablet is a multipurpose, touch-enabled desktop tablet, combining all the features of MediaCare with rich, engaging apps and functionality for patients and residents. Healthcare providers can take advantage of video capabilities, push reminders and notifications to patients, provide educational content and offer a variety of entertainment options.


Product Description

A Dual-Purpose Device for Care Support

With the Interactive Concierge Tablet, care providers have a wide range of apps and options for connection, support and workflow optimization.

ConnectVideoconferencing for Telemedicine and virtual family visits with Family & Friends Connect. Offer messaging via a community messaging system or in-house messaging system.

Educate – Teach Patients the supplemental information they need for successful discharge with digital educational videos for optimum cognitive and physical wellbeing. HCI offers hundreds of condition-relevant support and educational videos.

Entertain – Offer a variety of multimedia content, from streaming movies and games to on-demand and podcast entertainment. Clients can cast from personal devices to the Concierge Tablet for diversion The HCI Interactive Concierge Tablet offers a range of patient-friendly options for video, streaming, and more.and stress-relief with favorite accounts and sites.

Inform – Send essential messages and provide information to support community participation and involvement where appropriate. Send individual or group reminders to patients or residents about facility information or group activities. Intercom functions provide instant feedback.

Optimize – Use the video features of the Interactive Concierge Tablet to video chat with patients for pain, service and other comfort requests generated from the Nurse Call system, answering calls via video. Save steps, time and direct departmental requests directly to a department for faster fulfillment. Update EHR and other integrated care records immediately and accurately through MediaCare and facility systems like RTLS, EVS, PAC, BMS and LDAP.

For Health and Residential Care Providers

  • From the Nurses’ Station, video chat directly with patients in response to Nurse Calls
  • Push surveys, notifications, reminders and announcements direct to Residents and Patients
  • Customizable banners, branding, colors and layouts by facility, unit, department or specialty
  • Assign and monitor education compliance
  • Robust reporting and data analysis for scheduling and fiscal management
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  • Built-in 2MP swivel camera with privacy screen, built in microphone and 2W speakers
  • Full videoconference, telemedicine and CleanCall capabilities from the Nurses’ Station and bedside
  • Integrated with MediaCare Interactive Patient Care Solutions for feature-rich user functionality
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to use and clean
  • 10-Point capacitive touch screen, sensitive to weak fingers with high resolution and contrast
  • Sturdy, Hospital-Grade ABS plastic case stands up to frequent cleaning
  • Android Operating System
  • No-tip “L” shape design for stability

For Patients and Residents

  • Secure Videoconferencing to stay connected with family and loved ones with Family and Friends Connect
  • Telemedicine capability for check-ins with both internal and external clinicians
  • Video chat with Nursing and Care Teams from the patient room
  • Intercom feature for instant feedback and response
  • Full touch-enabled access to educational content to support discharge
  • Multimedia entertainment with access to streaming media, On-Demand movies and shows, podcasts, gaming, music and relaxation content
  • On-Site Pharmacy Fulfillment and Medication Search apps
  • Meal Ordering, Ordering rental equipment or retail items from facility spaces
  • “Wipe My Data” app for additional data security
  • Request services, direct to specific departments for fulfillment
  • Volume control and personal device ports

The Interactive Concierge Tablet is an integral part of the HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions platform. We welcome a conversation with you on how we can support your patient care and staff goals.

Product Documentation

Interactive Concierge Tablet

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