Interactive Digital Whiteboard

Our interactive digital whiteboard transforms the patient’s in-room TV into a powerful and personalized source of real-time information. This communication tool helps to enhance the patient experience and align all involved parties on the patient’s care plan.

The whiteboard serves a purpose for both the medical staff and the patient by increasing the workflow efficiency and improving the performance delivered to the patient. In return, you will see a positive change in your HCAHPS survey and provide continuing communication to the visitors and staff.

Like all of HCI’s solutions, the Whiteboard can be fully customized to fit the facilities brand and needs.  Like traditional whiteboards, the electronic whiteboard can be used to display pertinent information such as:

  • Daily goals, activities and discharge information.
  • Names of care team members, including clinical staff and physicians. Patients can identify the nurse on duty quickly. Information on members of the care team is automatically updated via the hospital’s EMR or nurse call system.
  • Configured to reflect the specific needs of a patient or the initiatives of a hospital or unit. This can include their pain goal or daily schedule, accessed from the clinical system.
  • Visiting hours, direct room phone number, the current date and time and weather.

The flexibility of the Whiteboard provides hospitals with an opportunity to highlight essential initiatives such as pain management, quiet at night, or preventions from falling.  The information displayed on the whiteboard is generated from the EMR system which provides accurate and real-time data. With the information being automated, the medical staff no longer needs to spend time updating the whiteboard.

Your HCI support team will share best practices to configure the Whiteboard and ensure the patient-centric experience is aligned with your strategic objectives.

Product Description

Experience first-hand what our technology can do for you.

The Whiteboard display is a collection of HCI Modules, built on the Android OS. The data is populated by the EMR and, unlike other competing systems, the modules are auto-populated. Custom updates can be controlled through our MediaCare Nurse Console. In the sections below, we will examine each of the modules shown on this particular display. Below are examples of customization that can be done on the Innovative Whiteboard:

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