Interactive Digital Hybrid Whiteboard

The Interactive Hybrid Patient Whiteboard allows healthcare providers to fully digitize and integrate vital patient data. Using both digital and magnetized dry erase sections, Care Teams are able to communicate with MediaCare and automatically update information.

Product Description

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The HCI Interactive Hybrid Patient Whiteboard transforms the patient dry erase board into a personalized source of real-time information. This communication tool enhances the patient experience and aligns caregivers in the treatment plan. The Hybrid Whiteboard displays vital patient informationHCI Interactive Digital Hybrid whiteboard in pediatric office. so that patients and the Care Team have the information they need when they need it. The whiteboard supports the medical staff by increasing workflow efficiency and improving consistency of care. By providing critical patient information in real time, it’s possible to achieve higher HCAHPS scores while reducing operating costs.


Enterprise Integration in a Digital Whiteboard

HCI Hybrid Whiteboard at Pediatric Discharge

Additionally, the Interactive Digital Hybrid Whiteboard is configurable to fit your facility’s brand and needs. HCI patient engagement solutions take the typical dry erase board information found in most facilities and displays it digitally with automatic updates through our enterprise-wide integration software, MediaCare. Integrations are fed through RTLS, Nurse Call, EMR and other systems. For additional support, the lower half of the Interactive Digital Hybrid Patient Whiteboard is a dry erase board for writing patient reminders and daily goals, or posting well-wisher notes and cards.

Because of the structure of the enterprise platform, caregivers using the Interactive Digital Hybrid Whiteboard have a view into:

  • Daily goals, activities and discharge information.
  • Education assignments and completion.
  • Names of care team members, including clinical staff and physicians. Patients can identify the nurse on duty quickly. Information on members of the care team automatically updates at shift change via the hospital’s systems.
  • RTLS information lets patients know which staff member last visited their room and who is scheduled to stop in next and at what time.
  • Eye-catching protocols that team members can catch at a glance, giving them the most important information about their patients.
  • Care team members can leave rounding notes, patient goals and consultation notes, keeping everyone in the patient’s circle of care constantly informed.

Flexible and Configurable

The flexibility of HCI Interactive Whiteboards provides hospitals with an opportunity to highlight essential initiatives such as pain management, quiet at night, or Fall Risk. Your HCI support team will share best practices to configure an Interactive Patient Care solution that works best for you. With integrated digital whiteboards for your facility, you ensure the patient-centric experience is aligned with your strategic objectives.

Product Documentation

HCI Interactive Hybrid Whiteboard

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