MediaCare® Content Management Solution

MediaCare® 3.0 is HCI’s latest, most advanced education, entertainment and content management solution for the patient. It delivers innovative patient engagement and clinical management tools to healthcare facilities both large and small. Remotely administer your in-room televisions and deliver personalized education and communication to your patients. MediaCare is compatible with our HUB, RoomMate Televisions, and Android BedMates.

MediaCare offers hospitals an innovative, enterprise-level solution that helps address many of the significant challenges in healthcare today. MediaCare delivers:

• On-demand education and information to patients and family/caregivers
• Service delivery and recovery features
• Push delivery of patient-specific education plans including education resources and discharge planning information
• Digital Whiteboard access for important care, room, and staff information
• Online workflow management, reporting, and analytic tools
• Satisfaction surveys and comprehension testing
• Automated clinical workflows and EMR documentation
• Incorporation of Hospital branding and revenue generation opportunities for hospital and auxiliary services such as Pharmacy, Gift Shop, and Cafe
• Enterprise-level interoperability with EMR, ADT, pharmacy, dietary, and other hospital technology systems
• Access to Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and thousands of other Android Apps
• Remote Network Clone & Software Updates

MediaCare’s intuitive Dashboard puts care plan control at the clinicians’ fingertips, simplifying workflows for providing patient-specific educational content and managing service recovery opportunities. Its design makes education compliance tracking and automated documentation quick and easy to aid in discharge planning and reduce the average length of stay.

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Product Documentation

The responsibilities and demands hospital staff members encounter daily are growing both in quantity of tasks and level of importance.

HCI has heard the demands and has taken our interactive patient care system, MediaCare, one step further by creating a Dashboard module that tracks and reports the entire patient education and entertainment experience. By providing your facility the ability to see real-time results, you will be able to monitor your patients more closely, consistently improving your quality of service while simultaneously cutting costs and improving patient satisfaction.

Included in the MediaCare Dashboard is data from our Service Request app, part of the CareTV App Suite and a core feature of our system. The Service Request App allows patients to request non-clinical items such as a blanket to be delivered to their room. This Dashboard will allow hospitals to track all Service Items requested along with staff response time. Our Education Dashboard shows which educational content was prescribed to the patient and whether or not it was viewed. This will help you measure how well you are educating your patients and if the patients are participating in the improvement of their health.

This is just a few of the Dashboards that HCI has to offer. These Dashboards will enable hospital staff to make positive changes in real time. This added feature to MediaCare system can surpass every healthcare facility’s expectations. The product will pay for itself by lowering readmissions and increase overall patient satisfaction.

Request a demo with us today and see how we can help your facility better serve your patients while simultaneously cutting costs.