Interactive Patient Whiteboard

Our Interactive Patient Whiteboard transforms the dry erase whiteboard typically found in patient rooms into a complete digital and interactive experience. This communication tool helps to enhance the patient experience and align all involved parties on the patient’s care plan with accurate, up to the minute EHR updates.

Available in 22″, 27″, 32″, 43″, 55″  and 65″ sizes.

Interactive Patient Whiteboard

Product Description

The Interactive Patient Whiteboard transforms the clinical dry erase whiteboard into an interactive display of vital patient information.

The Interactive Patient Whiteboard supports both medical staff and patients by increasing workflow efficiency and improving the consistency of care delivered to the patient. By providing continuous, accurate displays of patient information taken from the Electronic Health Record and other integrated hospital systems, providers transform how they deliver care.

Like all of HCI’s solutions, the Interactive Patient Whiteboard is fully customizable to fit a facility’s brand and needs.

The Interactive Patient Whiteboard displays vital patient information, integrated through the Nurse Call, RTLS, EHR, ADT, PAC and other systems by clearly showing the most current:

  • Daily goals, activities and discharge information with prescription data. Additional customizable modules provide pain scale reporting and the ability to view scans from the EHR for in-room consultation.
  • Assigned educational content and the ability to push content directly to the patient’s in-room TV, if if it’s turned off.
  • Digital restriction protocols that team members can view quickly, like “Fall Risk” and “Visitor Status”.
  • Names of care team members, including clinical staff and physicians so patients can quickly identify staff on duty.
  • Information on members of the care team automatically update via the hospital’s EMR or nurse call system, so sift changes are reflected in the display.
  • RTLS information shows which staff member last visited their room and who will visit next, with access to digital rounding notes.
  • Rounding and other important Care Team notes and Visitor Logs keep everyone in the patient’s circle of care constantly informed.
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HCI interactive whiteboards provide complete patient education monitoring.

The flexibility of HCI’s Interactive Patient Whiteboard provides hospitals with an opportunity to highlight and track essential initiatives. Since the updates are automated, clinical staff doesn’t need to spend time updating a dry erase board, saving time, speeding rounds and reducing clinician burnout. The Interactive Patient Whiteboard gives patients and those in their circle of care the information they need when they need it to prepare for discharge and for important treatments or procedures. HCI Digital Interactive Whiteboards helps providers transform the way they deliver care for the best patient outcomes.

Interactive Patient Whiteboard

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