Interactive Patient Whiteboard

The HCI Interactive Patient Whiteboard transforms the dry erase whiteboard typically found in patient rooms into a powerful interactive tool for patient engagement and entertainment, while optimizing workflows for Care Teams.

Interactive Patient Whiteboard

Interactive Patient Whiteboard

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Product Description

The Interactive Patient Whiteboard transforms the clinical dry erase whiteboard into an interactive display of vital patient information.

HCI Interactive Patient Whiteboard aligns communication across the enterprise for the best patient outcomes.The Interactive Patient Whiteboard supports both medical staff and patients by increasing workflow efficiency and improving the consistency of care delivered to patients. By providing continuous, accurate displays of patient information taken from the EHR and other integrated hospital systems, providers transform how they deliver care. The Patient Whiteboard operates through MediaCare and the entire line of HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions to empower staff, educate patients, and optimize workflows across the enterprise.

The Interactive Patient Whiteboard displays vital patient information, integrated through MediaCare and the EHR, Nurse Call, RTLS, ADT, PAC, PAC, Smart Bed, LDAP, EVS and other systems. This allows care teams to automate nonclinical tasks, set reminders and optimize workflow. Nurse leaders can use the myriad features of MediaCare on the Patient Whiteboard to manage staffing and resources to reduce LoS and turnover.

Education is key to reducing readmissions. Assign educational content based on diagnosis or clinical order, and monitor education compliance through the Whiteboard. View percentage of completed and send reminders for education completion to reduce readmission risks and encourage better health literacy.

HCI Labor and Delivery Interactive WhiteboardEmpower Staff, Educate Patients

  • Video capability for telemedicine visits and check-ins and for patients to keep in touch with Family and Friends.
  • Daily goals, activities and discharge information with prescription data.
  • Additional customizable modules to provide pain scale reporting and the ability to view scans from the EHR/PAC system for in-room consultation.HCI Image Viewer app support better patient communication.
  • Assigned educational content, with the ability to push content directly to the patient’s in-room TV or Bedside Tablet, even if it’s turned off.
  • Digital restriction protocol InfoTiles© that team members can view quickly and update as conditions change, without the need for sliders, magnets or flags.
  • Clinicians can use the Patient Whiteboard to pull scans from the PAC system/EHR to discuss complex treatment, procedures or conditions, annotating directly on the surface of the screen.
  • Names of care team members, including clinical staff and physicians so patients can quickly identify staff on duty. Updates at shift change.
  • RTLS information to show which staff member last visited their room and who will visit next.
  • Rounding, medications and goals with Rounding notes and Visitor Logs to keep everyone in the patient’s circle of care constantly informed.
  • Self-Service options for patients with CareApps.
  • Patient entertainment options to reduce anxiety and boredom: interactive games, streaming content, Internet and social channels, music and relaxation content are all available though the Patient Whiteboard and Bedside TV Tablet.

The Interactive Patient Whiteboard gives patients and those in their circle of care the information they need when they need it to prepare for discharge and for important treatments or procedures. HCI Patient Whiteboards help providers transform the way they deliver care for the best patient outcomes.

We welcome a discovery conversation to learn your goals and care standards. Schedule a brief online or in-person demo, customized to your facility, and learn how HCI can support your initiatives.

Interactive Patient Whiteboard

Interactive Patient Whiteboard

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