HCI Portable Tablet

The HCI Interactive Portable Tablet is a feature-rich, configurable Android-powered portable device designed to expand engagement and provide video communication access for patients in healthcare settings, or residents in congregate living communities such as assisted living, long-term care or rehabilitation and palliative care facilities.

Product Description

HCI Portable Tablet

The HCI Portable Tablet is a compact, lightweight and easy-to use touchscreen tablet. It can be used in any setting to provide patients and residents greater freedom in accessing their favorite social, entertainment and education apps. To enhance patient engagement, education and entertainment, this stand-alone device runs cloud-based apps for ease of use and greater selection. Better patient communication and access to information supports a better patient experience.

For Healthcare and Residential Care Providers

The HCI Portable Tablet is completely configurable for any setting or user need as a stand-alone or enterprise device.

  • Push patient education to the Portable Tablet, and monitor viewing results with aggregated reporting through MediaCare.
  • You can configure icons, banners, branding, colors and layouts by facility, campus, unit, department or specialty.
  • Provide menus, calendars, reminders, announcements and directories on the Home Screen for easy access.
  • Support memory care and cognitive function with games, quizzes, multi-media apps, podcasts and music.
  • Incorporate specific ads to drive retail revenue and offer self-service ordering and fulfillment.

The Portable Tablet for Patients and Residents

  • The Portable Tablet has a 2MP front camera and 5MP rear camera for Telemedicine check-ins, on or off campus.
  • Family & Friends Connect offers video chats with families and loved ones.
  • You can include on-site Pharmacy Fulfillment and Medication Search apps.
  • A “Clear My Data” app is available for additional data security.
  • Request services direct to specific departments for fulfillment without having to phone a service desk or summon a Nurse.
  • When the device is opened, it has an “Instant On”, and the Tablet includes a USB personal device port.
  • The leather-like outer cover makes the Portable Tablet easy to hold and carry, and has capacitive touch on the haptic screen. What’s more, the screen is sensitive to weak finger touches and latex glove use.

Product Documentation

HCI Portable Tablet Flyer

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