Tabletop Visitors Station for DTV

The tabletop Visitor’s Station for DTV for HCI’s RoomMate in-room patient TV acts like a second remote, making it easy for patient visitors to select the programming they want to watch, with a simple button interface and Pillow Speaker connection.

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HCI Visitor's Station for DTV

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The Tabletop Visitor’s Station for DTV allows dual control of the in-room patient TV. Since frequently it’s the visitor who will be watching TV or utilizing the patient TV, dual control makes sharing and selecting programming easy. The HCI Table-Mounted Visitor’s Station DTV is an added enhancement for the patient and visitor hospital experience. Hospitals invest in technology designed to provide patient entertainment and distraction to improve the patient experience. Often forgotten, however, is the visitor experience – the visitor being the person or people most likely to have the time, desire, and ability to take advantage of this technology.

With the Tabletop Visitor’s Station DTV, visitors can hear the patient television using the earphone input to avoid disturbing patients. Visitor’s can control keyboard input and Thin Client functions for launching apps. The Visitor’s Station allows both patient and visitor to control the television simultaneously. It has standard pillow speaker connections so visitors aren’t inconvenienced with trying to use a separate remote control.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 in