Interactive Unit Whiteboard

Critical Information Made Accessible with the Unit Whiteboard

The Interactive Unit Whiteboard is a HIPAA-compliant, touch-enabled digital patient monitoring whiteboard that supports operational, workflow and staffing efficiencies by providing patient data visibility at-a-glance in the Nurses’ Station.

Interactive Unit Whiteboard

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Product Description

The HCI Interactive Unit Whiteboard Monitors a Group of Patients or Beds From A Single Location

With clinical staff constantly on the move and juggling multiple priorities, the Interactive Unit WhitebThe touch-enabled Unit Whiteboard allows caregivers to monitor groups of patients from a central location, video call individual patients from the Nurses' Station and push education and messages direct to patients.oard helps alleviate some of the workflow of patient care and reduces task saturation for clinical staff as a single monitoring device for a hall, corridor, wing, or unit of rooms, maintained from a Nurse’s Station or central desk.

At-A-Glance Patient Monitoring with Touch-Enabled Updates

Working in tandem with MediaCare, the Interactive Patient Whiteboard, Interactive Hall Whiteboard, and Interactive Concierge Tablet, information regarding patient status, alerts, visitation status, and care team is compiled into an easy to read chart, maintained at the nursing station for at- a-glance patient information. This information is fed directly from MediaCare, which aggregates from existing facility  RTLS, Nurse Call, EHR, and HCI offers an Interactive Surgical Scheduling app to help providers monitor OR use and turnover.other systems.  The patient information is automatically updated when a change is made to either the patient’s in-room interactive device or the EHR. Educational content, maintenance and other notifications can be pushed to the patient’s in-room Interactive Patient Whiteboard or Bedside Tablet using the Interactive Unit Whiteboard at the monitoring location. Monitor surgical scheduling and turnover with our HIPAA-Compliant Surgical Scheduling app on the Interactive Unit Whiteboard or Digital, touch-enabled Concierge Tablet.

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To support discharge goals and reduce readmissions, care team members can easily view education progress for each patient, with percentage of completion and a history of what has been viewed. Clinicians can assign educational content based on diagnosis code or prescribe content as the patient’s condition changes, then send reminders to patients to complete their prescribed education.

HCI Interactive, touch-enabled digital Unit Whiteboard for patient monitoringMultiple Features Reduce Task Saturation and Optimize Workflows

  • Updates Visitor Restrictions that are fed through MediaCare. Restrictions can also be manually changed at the display.
  • Video chat directly with patients from the Unit Whiteboard via the Nurse Call Companion app.
  • Automatically updates patient information changes through existing technology systems and automatically records rounding history for record-keeping and analysis.
  • One-touch digital updates to Visitor Status and Protocol Flags that can be customized to fit branding and care standards of the facility.
  • Alerts staff when the patient is in need of assistance and displays the elapsed wait time since the patient has requested help.
  • Push educational content and display the percentage of completion for assigned patient education, and send reminders to the patient to view content.

We welcome a discovery conversation to learn your goals and offer a brief online demonstration of this powerful work optimization and care monitoring tool.

Interactive Unit Whiteboard

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