HCI Digital Whiteboards vs. Traditional Dry Erase Boards

The traditional dry-erase whiteboard found in every hospital unit and patient room is a long-standing communication tool used to display patient assignments, contact information and critical clinical information. What’s the ROI of your dry erase boards?

HCI Digital Hospital Whiteboards provide a high ROI.

In a typical twenty-five bed unit, it’s not uncommon for fifteen admissions, transfers and discharges to take place daily. Updating dry erase boards is just a small part of the ADT task list, and remembering information on the boards can be confusing for patients dealing with an onslaught of instructions. Information and instructions on dry erase boards can get missed or accidentally erased.

HCI digital hospital whiteboards support faster, more accurate patient monitoring to avoid sentinel events and readmissions.

A patient’s status may change at any time – and so must the board. Caregiver assignments change multiple times per day – and so must the board. With so many moving parts, it is simply not possible to keep information on dry erase boards up to date.

How can you make that process more efficient and maximize your ROI?

Interactive Patient Care with HCI’s Digital, Interactive Whiteboards and Tablets Provide a High Return

Fortunately, today’s hospital information systems track the majority of patient information. Digital whiteboards are a perfect model for hospital technology adoption because they are faster, less expensive, more accurate and improve communication between patients and staff.  The return on investment is much more rapid than you might think.

HCI electronic hospital whiteboards provide a high ROI compared to dry erase boards.

Complete, Seamless Integration

HCI touch-enabled Digital Whiteboards integrate with EHR systems, Nurse Call systems, RTLS, EVS, PAC, ADT, Rounding, Scheduling and other hospital information systems to update automatically in real-time, accurately and in an easy-to-read format. HCI Interactive Patient Care solutions are scalable, flexible and affordable.

We can assist you with ROI calculations for fiscal management to see which system configurations work best for you.

Test the HCI ROI Calculator below with your data and see how we can help you lower operating costs. Send us your results and we can work with you to design the configuration that works best for your facility, staff and patients.

We welcome a discovery conversation with you to offer customized information for your specific needs and requirements to demonstrate the return you can quickly realize with Interactive Patient Care solutions from HCI.