HCI SmartScreen Temperature Detection

HCI SmartScreen

A fast, no-contact Temperature Screening Solution to keep patients, residents, staff and visitors safe.

The CDC recommends limiting and monitoring entry points into healthcare settings to help limit the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. The no-contact HCI SmartScreen temperature detection tablet is designed for monitoring and screening human temperature to protect patients, visitors and staff in healthcare and residential facilities. The HCI SmartScreen combines features of our Interactive Patient Care solutions in an accurate, cleanable and easy-to-use thermal imaging tablet to support infection control standards and guidelines.

HCI SmartScreen in Your Infection Control Strategy

The 8″ SmartScreen is an important tool in an overall infection control strategy to help mitigate the spread of contagious pathogens. It provides anonymous Pass/Fail verbal feedback with “Normal Temperature”. Once the individual has been scanned by the powerful integrated camera, voice files indicate a Pass or Fail condition. You choose the next step in the monitoring process. With the SmartScreen, using thermal imaging technology as part of a multi-pronged approach to patient, staff and visitor safety will keep everyone safer.

Kiosk mounting can include an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser to ensure further compliance with recommended protective measures. The HCI SmartScreen Tablet can be desktop, wall-mounted or kiosk-mounted.The SmartScreen tablet does not hold any personally identifiable information on scanned persons, rather, integrated connected systems utilize their own security and HIPAA-compliance. It can be used as part of an overall building safety program to ensure staff safety when integrated with existing security and alarm systems.

Temperature Screening in Long-Term Care and Acute Care Settings

For Long-Term and Acute Care facilities where there may be a higher rate of underlying conditions, add an additional layer of safety and security by integrating door access systems to protect your clients, staff and their visitors. With the SmartScreen hand sanitizing kiosk at the door, individuals entering the facility can take that extra step in hygiene prior to entry. Add the SmartScreen kiosk to entry doors for break rooms or areas where employees gather, or in spaces where Residents may congregate such as dining halls, retail spaces lounges or cafés. Establish a SmartScreen kiosk and hygiene measures in foodservice preparation areas and at docks or delivery doors. Used as a standalone system or in combination with masks, eye protection, gloves and /or visual alerts like posters and signage, the SmartScreen is an effective tool to manage access.

Digital Signage and Wayfinding

When not in use for temperature screening the HCI SmartScreen can provide Wayfinding applications. It can be used to provide maps or detailed information about retail spaces. Use it to direct guests to specials, foodservice or café spaces and gift shops. Direct Patients or Residents and their caregivers to rehabilitation equipment rental, pharmacy and lab testing locations. Post lab, physical therapy and visiting hours, and offer links to self-scheduling or “sign-in” schedule apps right at the tablet.

We can help with your infection control strategies. Schedule a brief conversation and online demo here with us to experience all the benefits of Interactive Patient Care to ensure the best care and safety for patients and residents.

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