Secure Interactive Telemedicine Module

Using the HCI Telemedicine Module through our Digital Whiteboards, clinicians can make diagnostic, transfer and treatment decisions remotely, and patients have a higher satisfaction level. In addition, CMS will reimburse for up to 80 more services when telemedicine is used according to published guidelines. A report from the American Hospital Association reveals that 30% of patients are comfortable using technology to obtain their medical or diagnostic information, and 70% are comfortable using video for those purposes.

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Telemedicine frees up time for the clinician, eliminates the need for travel, waiting room wait times, scheduling issues and speeds the consultation process, which can support reduced clinician burnout and some costs associated with patient facilities. HCI Telemedicine leverages a free, open-source telemedicine service which is secure, encrypted and HIPAA-compliant.

The HCI Telemedicine Module has two platforms for greater flexibility: External and Internal access from within a hospital or healthcare facility.

The HCI Telemedicine Module available through our Interactive Patient Whiteboards allows both external and internal clinicians to communicate directly with patients via teleconference over the Interactive Patient Whiteboard.

External Teleconferencing

The external module leverages a cloud-based telemedicine service which is secure, encrypted and HIPAA-compliant. External clinicians who need to communicate with a patient in the hospital or healthcare facility can access the module from a PC, MAC or their mobile device via their web client. The module features:

  • A unique address established for the patient.
  • A virtual waiting room and management tool for patients.
  • Access from the HCI Interactive Patient Whiteboard. 

No additional hardware or software is required; the Telemedicine Module uses the built-in camera and microphone on the Interactive Patient Whiteboard. 

HCI, telemedicine module, interactive whiteboard, patient whiteboard, digital whiteboard, telemedicine, telehealth, patient engagement

Internal Teleconferencing

HCI’s Internal Telemedicine Module (patent pending) allows on-premise video conferencing between internal clinicians from outside the room and patients in their rooms. This conference never leaves the facility. The Internal Telemedicine module: 

  • Integrates with the existing Pillow Speaker communication system.
  • Utilizes the camera and screen on the Interactive Patient Whiteboard or tablet for video capture and display.
  • Requires no additional hardware or software.
  • Features auto-answer and auto-hang-up features; the patient never needs to leave their bed.
  • Provides integration with the existing Nurse Call system to auto-start one-way video streaming to the nurse station and/or security office for staff emergencies and other call types.

HCI will work with you to configure optimal telemedicine features that work best for you and your patients.

Contact HCI today to set up a brief online demo and experience the full range of telemedicine features for the best staff experience and the best patient outcomes.