The Team Behind the Technology


Rick Pratt
Rick Pratt, our founder, is an economist by training, but a serial tinkerer at heart. Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, he leads the team to create new and novel products that solve everyday problems. Several years ago, Rick was tasked to care for his wife after surgery. He suffered through the discharge educational of the time and concluded there had to be a better way. “When we got back home, and I had to change her dressings for the first time, I realized that I had no clue.” He immediately set to designing the world’s first Streaming TV.
John Pratt
John is the President of HCI. He oversees the company’s financial strategy, development and operations. John holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Xavier University. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, at the gym and on the golf course
Krystle Kraus
Director of Marketing
Krystle has more than a decade of experience as a marketing professional. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Indiana University and an Associate of Multimedia and Web Design from Cincinnati State. In her free time, Krystle is an active Co-Chair for the Cincinnati’s Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, a youth soccer coach and enjoys photography.
David Bishop
VP of Sales
David Bishop, our VP of Sales, returns to HCI after a couple of year absence. He is responsible with the development and expansion of HCI’s sale channel and overall company growth. David’s passion for technology and it’s practical implementation is a benefit in helping hospitals and facilities utilize HCI's solutions to better communication to patients and impact positive outcomes. David enjoys the outdoors and in his spare time enjoys hiking and is an avid cyclist.
Chet Camoscio
Manufacturer Representative
Chet Camoscio is the Founder and CEO of Manufacturers Reps, Inc., an independent full-service sales representative company for growing healthcare product manufacturers in the U.S. Chet founded Manufacturers Reps Inc. in 2004, which has become a highly sought out sales and marketing company due to its focus on customer service. Chet's philosophy to put the customer first has forged an unparalleled reputation across health care services organizations. Chet's deep expertise of the healthcare solutions industry, his consultative approach with customers, and his commitment to transparency and integrity have proven to be the cornerstones of his success. Chet is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and operates in the Northeastern United States.
Shawn Kirk
Manufacturer Representative
Shawn has been with Kirk Sales Inc. since 1988. He has an Electrical Engineering degree from Villanova University. He has 22 years of relationships with distribution, contractors, engineers, and end users. His technical expertise allows him to assist engineering firms with project designs to specify our products in from the ground level. This allows Kirk Sales Inc. to control the design of the projects before they are released for bidding, and then drive the business through our partners.
Dave Gorley
Project Manager
Dave works closely with dealers to help build and sustain a positive relationship with their clients. His experience includes sales, digital marketing, web/app development, and project management. He has a degree from Miami University in Psychology and Entrepreneurship. In his spare time, Dave is likely to be writing code, recording music, or rebuilding motorcycles.
Ray Wash
Inside Sales Manager
Ray, who graduated from Northern Kentucky University studying Industrial Psychology has over 25 years of inside sales management experience. He has been with HCI for 8 years and is the liaison between our customers, factory and service department. Besides being True Blue UK Wildcat fans, he and his wife are avid Cincinnati Symphony subscribers. They love to go to art museums whenever they travel.
Greg Lamb
Senior Hardware Engineer
Greg has over 27 years experience in the healthcare industry. He is a licensed broadcast engineer and he has experience in; installation, RF distribution design and installation, service, customer support, system setup and sales support. He is currently working with our hardware and MediaCare installation. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, RC racing and motorcycles.
John Brady
Director of Engineering
John graduated from University of Cincinnati in 2013 with B.S. in Computer Engineering. In his free time, he likes to program apps and microcontrollers. His hobbies include video games, running, and eating Skyline Chili.