The ROI Value of Digital Whiteboards vs. Traditional Dry Erase Boards

Traditional dry erase whiteboards found in every patient room are ubiquitous communication tools. They’re used to display patient information, contact and clinical information. So what’s the value for the investment? What ROI do your dry erase boards provide?

Most importantly, are your dry erase boards used as intended for patient safety and caregiver collaboration?

Managing the Moving Parts

Patient status can change at any time – and so must the hospital whiteboard. Caregiver assignments and patient treatments or goals change multiple times per day – and so must the whiteboard.

With so many moving parts, it’s simply not possible to keep dry erase board information updated. HCI touchscreen, digital whiteboards and tablets keep patient information up to date, based on requirements you establish. Using a range of Interactive Modules with these digital tools maximizes throughput and helps patients become more informed healthcare consumers. Above all, we help you manage the transition to a more mature and systematic digital environment.

HCI Digital Hospital Whiteboards provide a higher ROI and better experience.
Dry erase boards simply can’t keep up with the demands of a fast-paced hospital environment.

In its article Optimizing Clinical Workflows in Healthcare, the HIPAA Journal states, “Optimization of clinical workflows in healthcare delivery organizations helps to maximize ROI by eliminating waste and utilizing resources more efficiently.”

That being the case, it’s clear that digital whiteboards make communication a more efficient process and reduce waste. Digital interoperability significantly reduces latent information across teams and increases patient satisfaction. Consequently, operating costs are lower.

15 Activities

In a typical twenty-five bed hospital unit, it’s not uncommon for fifteen admissions, transfers and discharges to take place daily. Updating dry erase boards that track those changes is just a small part of the clinical task list. If the dry erase marker boards are updated at all, or updated in a rush, ADT stipulations and directions can be illegible or accidentally erased.

Patients may not remember all their details, since it can get confusing when they have an onslaught of instructions and papers. As a result, you could see a rise in patient safety and liability issues.

40 Integrations

With more than forty system integrations, our patient and staff modules are scalable, flexible and affordable. HCI touch-enabled Digital Whiteboards integrate with EHR, Nurse Call, RTLS, EVS, PACs, ADT, Rounding, Scheduling and other hospital information systems to update automatically in real-time.

Digital whiteboards can have a positive impact your bottom line, since the information displays accurately and in an easy-to-read format. In the same way the information is better quality, the time and material savings are demonstrable. You establish the baseline and measure the actual ROI you achieve.

20 Years

Ultimately, twenty years’ experience in healthcare technology positions HCI to help you determine your potential savings and lower operating costs. We partner with you in a workflow analysis process to configure what you need for your health system.

Our team works with you to optimize your clinical workflows, because it’s our goal to give patients their best possible experience with your team.

HCI touch-enabled whiteboards and tablets offer multiple benefits and provide a high return.

Fortunately, today’s hospital information systems track the majority of patient information, and an enterprise integration platform can tie the systems together without imposing on existing infrastructure.  MediaCare is one such platform, and is a perfect model for hospital technology adoption. MediaCare and systems like it improve communication across the organization and give patients a better experience.

What’s more, digital whiteboards eliminate the need for perpetual ordering, storage and replacement of broken or damaged dry erase marker boards. KPIs and analytic data for care, financial and personnel decision-making is tracked automatically. Finally, the ROI is more rapid than you might think.

We welcome a discovery conversation to offer tailored information for your specific requirements. Schedule your virtual demo to learn how you can quickly realize a high ROI with Interactive Patient Care solutions from HCI.